Thursday, 16 October 2014

Fashion Spotlight:: Vanity Fair Italia | Lys Inger by Alan Gelati

Ma: Vanity Fair Italia
St: Leonardo Caligiuri
Ph: Alan Gelati

Fashion Spotlight:: Remix Mag | Lucho Jacob, Andres Risso & Santiago Montero in Ivan x RSNK x Resnik

Ivan x RSNK x Resnik collaborates with stylist Andres Pastor for the latest issue of Argentinean fashion magazine Remix. Taking increasingly popular sweatpants and giving them a new perspective, Pastor outfits models Lucho Jacob, Andres Risso, and Santiago Montero in eclectic ensembles that mix casual and formal attributes for a fun spin on typical fashion looks. From the double-breasted jacket to the floor-length coat, tailored options gain informal ground with the help of trendy sweatpants.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Fashion Spotlight:: Harper's Bazaar Brazil | Mariane Calazan by Nicole Heiniger

Ma: Harper's Bazaar Brazil
St: Renata Correa
Ph: Nicole Heiniger


Model Spotlight:: Caleb Barclay by Paul Reitz

 Talent Caleb Barclay by NYC photographer Paul Reitz

Fashion Spotlight:: GQ Portugal | Andres Velencoso by Branislav Simoncik

 Ma: GQ Portugal
St: Jan Kralicek
Ph: Branislav Simoncik

Model Spotlight:: NothingButJeans | Kirill Dowidoff by Serge Lee

Series: #NothingButJeans
 Model: Kirill Dowidoff
Ph: Serge Lee

Fashion Spotlight:: Vogue UK | Jamie Dornan by Boo George

Ma: Vogue UK
St: Nura Khan
Ph: Boo George


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