Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Photography Spotlight:: West Phillips featuring Daniel in Belle Isle

It seems to be becoming increasingly rare these days to find really interesting body photography that don’t just shove a nude body in your face, rather they capture the true form and spotlight the artistry with it. Photographer West Phillips is such a guy. Here with his latest study featuring new face and Abercrombie & Fitch model, Daniel

Monday, 13 February 2012


Italian top model Sasha Marini is the testimonial of 100% Model, social awareness campaign by Shout Up You Can that is going to be presented during the upcoming fashion week in Milan to say stop to sexual abuses into fashion system. 
The campaign invites young models and emerging professionals of the fashion world to rise against attempted sexual abuses they could suffer from during their career. Exceptional situations must not be confused and have nothing to do with the fashion system. These are extreme cases, but equally deplorable and alienating that should not be kept hidden. It’s necessary that the victims are not afraid of possible professional repercussions to report them. 
All models need to be careful and not be influenced by those who try to take advantage from their position using their work as a leverage to satisfy their sexual needs.
If u want learn more, you can visit www.shoutupyoucan.com or follow the campaign on facebook and twitter..
Help breaking the silence.
Now, you can.


Campaign:  100% Model | Shout Up You Can 
Starring:  Sasha Marini 
Art direction:  Luca Severgnini
Video direction: Federico Monti & Diego Ricci
Photographer: Piero Visconti 
Film editor : Daniel Leek
Make up & hair: Valentina Ferrulli
Music: Marco Zanardi

Special thanks to:
Beppe Riboli
Mo.oM hotel (G. Lippolis & Chiara Rizzolo)
Artisti&Associati (F. Baldrighi)
Lorenzo Schapira

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Photography Spotlight:: Boris Shabovta featuring Jami

New York based model, now photographer Boris Shabovta aka Bora Images, share wit us a study featuring JamiMeredith Models. The study was styled by Ilona Shabovta, with make up and hair by Michelle Rivera. It's always amazing witnessing the evolution of a talent.

Model Spotlight:: Mark Jedlicki by Dave Ouano

Memory Keeper Dave Ouano introduces us to Illinois-based fitness model, Mark Jedlicki. This 6'1, 24yrs old alpha male lives in Morton Grove, IL, where he also goes to school. He loves to golf, follows the discipline of marital arts, and has been modeling for a few years. WE believe you're gona see much more on this guy pretty soon.


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