Friday, 6 July 2012

Photography Spotlight:: Owen Lynch by Nige Rorbach

There is no slowing down for memory keeper Nige Rorbach. He's already begun working on his next book and film project 'Pin Ups & Icons' which is going to be a little different from his first book, The Age of Man. Here he shares a few of the images from that set, in which he spotlights talent Owen Lynch in a recent sit-in themed 'Mickey Bad Ass'. 


Nige explains that this time he really wanted to explore concepts that were a bit more fun, more colourful, and a lot more creative. Just the ideas of pin ups can conjure up so many ideas and images, and he wanted to play with the idea of what makes a pin up. The other main concepts he's working on are around paying tribute to iconic imagery, with a little twist. As well as a section dedicated and inspired by his hero, the late Herb Ritts. His work for me has been a huge inspiration for as long as Nige can remember, so he's using some of his work as inspiration for a series in his book.


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