Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Photography Spotlight:: ADONIS by Nige Rorbach

UK-based photographer Photographer Nige Rorbach aka Immortal Images shares with us an excerpt themed 'Adonis' from his recently self-published book called, The Age of Man [available on Blurb.com]. 

"My book is an exploration of different aspects of man and masculinity, so it encompasses Athletic, Adonis, Creative, Emotion, Fetish, Lust, Alter Ego, Sensuality, Sexuality. It took about a year and a half to put together, and I had the opportunity of working with some incredibly talented guys, who were just as passionate about the project as I was. The majority of the project was shot at Edge Photographic Studios in Manchester from the end of 2010 up until April this year. With the Adonis concept, I wanted to really focus on the male physique and tried to create images that are reminiscent of statues that are strong, and graceful at the same time."-- N. Rorbach

Featured models are 
Dan CoombeMaximus, and Marc Sweet


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