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After great success from the first digital book Verano, photographer Kemuel Valdes releases his second book themed 'In The Flesh'which is now available at [http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/3255283]


ISLAND Q: What is beauty to you? Kemuel V: Beauty is a mixture of the physical and the spiritual that causes inspiration. Sometimes the physical alone can seem very beautiful, but then express it self in a very ugly way and vice versa. Many times the physical can be easily dismissed until it express it self in a way that brightens the room. Generally I do not have a type. I tend to find beauty in variety.

ISLAND Q: The book In-The-Flesh is seen as effortless captures of contemporary sensual, in which it was made quite clear that you took time to ensure that there was something (by definition) 'beautiful' for everyone. However, what is the one thing you deeply want your audience to experience from this? Kemuel V: Thank you for asking this question. The one thing I'd love is for the audience to find themselves intricately analyzing each image. There are a lot of subtle details placed in the composition to create a mood of elegant sensuality, comfort, freedom and beauty.  

ISLAND Q: What is the next step? Kemuel V: Right now I'm promoting the book for the next few weeks. After that I'll be shooting several commissioned works. The way things are shaping up, next year will bring many beautiful images in a different scale.  

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