Sunday, 27 May 2012

ISLAND EXCLUSIVE:: New Face | Aiden Troy by Dave Ouano

Behold natural beauty as photographer Dave Ouano introduces us to 21 yrs old, Chicago based talent Aiden Troy, in addition too an Interview. Grooming by Marie Wood with styling by Pablo Roberto

ISLAND Q: What are your general likes/dislikes, interests, hobbies? Aiden T: Writing is a big passion of mine and it's what I ultimately want to do professionally. I write fiction stories, poetry, journalistic articles, plays, and screenplays. In addition I'm a huge sports guy. I love both playing and watching basketball, baseball, football, soccer, hockey, boxing, swimming, skiing, golf, etc. My favorite activity though, in all of life, is exploring the outdoors, camping, fishing, canoeing, sailing. ISLAND Q: Well I guess it's how you have a strong fit look, but in addition to your activities, what do you do to keep in shape? Aiden T: To keep in shape I cross country ski in the winter time, run, bike, and swim in the warmer months. Beyond that, eating right and being a regular at my local gym

ISLAND Q: What is your true ambition towards modeling or acting? Aiden T: I am aware of my height, but in the same thought I want other to know that I am aware of myself and know that I can deliver. As a model, I would love to book some serious editorials for publications ranging from both high-end to classic underwear, i addition to advertisements for both fashion/ fitness. As for acting, the sky is the limit. I'm ambitious and disciplined, also a dream would be to act in a film I've written.

ISLAND Q: What do you like most about Chicago? Aiden T: It's home, simple as that. I was born and raised in Highland Park, a half hour north of the city, and though I am often lured away by exotic landscapes and cultures for vacations, I can't imagine another permanent home base beyond the Chicago area. I think the greatest thing about Chicago is the fact that it shoulders one of the greatest bodies of fresh water in the world, on which I grew up salmon, trout, and perch fishing, as well as sailing.  

Fans of Aiden can also now vote for him in the annual Bud Boyz competition at

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