Thursday, 9 February 2012


Without any further delay, the long awaited EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with top model Nathan Lewis, is finally here and who else could WE have chosen to photograph him than another master is his own field, photographer Rick Day

ISLAND Q: So we have seen you and your work in many placed in many webzines, blogs, websites and print magazines, since you've worked with some of the best photographers in the industry. There have been many reports written about you but today WE want to know just about you. Who is Nathan Lewis and please tell us the life you had before modeling? Nathan L: I am and have always been just you regular guy next door. I’ve never wanted my modeling to change who I am and what I stand for, so I hope that I’m the same as what I was before three years ago when I set off on this journey. I have most definitely grown in confidence and wisdom through all the amazing opportunities I’ve had, but I generally still just like to blend in with the rest of the crowd and to fit in. I am extremely proud of all my achievements, but boastful is not a quality I would want to portray. It still really feels good to walk into a book store and page through some of the books on the shelves that I’ve had the honor to have been published in. The modeling industry is a tough market and I think it will still take a lot more hard work for it to become totally life changing.

ISLAND Q: What do you like most when you work with a photographer? Nathan L: I love the diversity and creativity each photographer and artist brings to the table. Everyone is so unique is their style and it allows me to explore many different avenues and characters. It’s almost like acting in a different role with every shoot, and that’s the diversity I’ve tried to, and hopefully succeeded in creating in my portfolio. 
ISLAND Q: Okay, then what has been your best job to date? Nathan L: Hmmm.... Now that’s a real tough question because each job is always so different and adds tremendous value to my portfolio.  However, for me, it’s not just the work you do on the day of the shoot that’s so important, but all the hard work, diet, training and effort that goes into it before and between shoots. I’ve always strived to look my best physically and that’s always been extremely important to me. So for that reason there is one image that is iconic for me, and it’s the suspended work I did with Dylan Rosser for his book RED. I am really proud of that shot and I have a 30” X 45” framed piece in my bedroom which I’m immensely proud of.

ISLAND Q: Who or what currently inspires you with their work? Nathan L: Models / actors I’ve really admired and looked up to are David Gandy and Daniel Craig. David has done amazing work and the recent release of his book “DAVID GANDY” by Dolce & Gabbana is amazing. He has pushed himself and the industry in the breadth of work he has put out there. Well done David!  Daniel Craig has dedicated his life to the entertainment industry and made his début  in 2006, so it shows that you don’t need to be in your 20’s to finally make your break through, but it does take hard work and continuous dedication.  Actually Daniel Craig is only three week older than me, so there is hope for me yet, Lol. ISLAND Q: Interesting, you named two of my favorite ppl in the industry, both great men that inspire me. Ok, so what we ALL are curious about is, a lot of your immense popularity is due to the fact that you are rated as a Top Nude model. How does that accolade make you feel? Nathan L: Wow... now I’m blushing. I’m am extremely honored to be rated so highly amongst such a vast number of other outstanding and in most cases, younger models than me. Thank you. I’ve never taken anything for granted and I appreciate all the support my followers have given me and the opportunities and faith the photographers and artists have showed in me. It inspires me to do better and go further.
ISLAND Q: But what was the influence that made you decide that you can... 'drop trou' and perhaps be successful at it? Nathan L: I guess everyone has their little niche, and my focus was on showing my physicality, almost as a record to myself of the hard work and dedication I put into my training régime and diet. I’ve worked with may photographers and artists who are experts in this field and have studied their fine art in detail. I thank them for sharing their wisdom, vision and trust in me and helped me create something truly remarkable and beautiful. With the confidence, wisdom and guidance they gave me, I hope I’ve been able to successfully contribute to the world of art.
ISLAND Q: Has this decision affected you in your social or even industry-life?  Nathan L: I hope it has not affected either as I would never have wanted it to. Unfortunately in reality it could have, but I hope that I’ve been able to show through my character that I’m still the same person that I was before and that none of that has changed who I am and what I stand for. Industry is fortunately slowly changing and thanks to people like David Gandy and big names like Dolce & Gabbana they are leaders in driving this change.
ISLAND Q: Sooo You must get hit on a lot! Nathan, what do you think is your best feature. Nathan L: Hmmm... Maybe, I’m just too innocent to notice it... lol. But, I do take pride in taking care of myself and train intensely, follow a strict diet, so I hope it shows, and that it’s not all in vain. ISLAND Q: You, vain? lol, okay well if you could change one thing in you, what would it be? Nathan L: Lol... It will have to be my elbows. If there is any editing input I can give a photographer then I ask them to make my elbows not seem so boney.  Otherwise, I’m pretty happy with the skin I’m in. 
ISLAND Q: Lastly... What are you most excited about for 2012? Nathan L: I have not done much runway in the past and I really look forward to strut my stuff. This may very well lead onto other bigger campaigns in the new year.  The way I’ve approached my modeling is to seize every feasible opportunity I could find. Some have been extremely successful, others not, however I see every one of them as necessary stepping stones to get me to where I am today. I’m very grateful for ever opportunity I’ve had in the past and will be given in the future.


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