Thursday, 27 October 2011

Photography Spotlight:: Herman Chow featuring Jonny Conroy

Photographer Herman Chow shares a recent edit featuring talent Jonny Conroy. Aiding with the story was make-up artist Holly Fairclough, with styling done by Laura Sellers


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

ISLAND Spotlight:: INDIAN SUMMER by Ricardo Muniz

"Indian summer" is an old, US American colonial term for an actual meteorological phenomenon that occurs during autumn. Indian summer refers to a period of dry, hot, summer-like days that suddenly appear after the cold weather of fall has begun. It can occur anytime between mid-September and early November. Ironically, this year Indian summer fell on Columbus Day weekend in New York City when temperatures reached into the 80s and even broke records. Many flocked to the beaches or crowded the parks, whiles others went to the Columbus Day Parade on Fifth Avenue.

Photographer Ricardo Muniz, decided to pay tribute--not to Columbus, or the conquistadors or settlers that followed his lead--but rather, to the original inhabitants of the Americas.  

ISLAND proudly presents, INDIAN SUMMER: a light-hearted swimwear editorial shot in a salt marsh in the Bronx in briny water, with a strong undercurrent of political commentary.

Model Spotlight:: Model Dorian Reeves by Brian Kaminski.


Nous Models Dorian Reeves is captured in study shot by photographer Brian Kaminski.


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