Tuesday, 22 March 2011

ISLAND Spotlight :: New Book | DEFENSIO by Richard Gerst

In great adulation WE present to you DEFENSIO, a new book finally released globally in print by our very own New York City talent, photographer Richard Gerst.

DEFENSIO is a book about Love, an art and social commentary which is not to be confused for your regular "men's photo book"- but something much deeper and very unique. As stated in the book, Defensio's focus can be summarized in two statements:
1) The ability to love freely is worth fighting for.
2) Fashion winks to a higher ideal, knowing the "love freely ability" for most . . . is fantasy.

Model Spotlight :: Monologue magazine | Steve Gold by Karl Simone

The debut issue of Monologue magazine showcases the sexy side model Steve Gold [Nous models] in a study by photographer Karl Simone, which was styled by Paul Mather

Model Spotlight :: New Face Devon Kennedy by Patrick Lacsina

Introducing 19 years old, Toronto, Canada-based New Face Devon Kennedy in a study by photographer Patrick Lacsina

Monday, 21 March 2011

Photography Spotlight :: Rian Neves featuring Allen Clippinger

Today WE introduce and other great talent from the West Coast, specifically San Diego, California, photographer and graphic artist Rian Neves as he spotlights the stunning Allen Clippinger, in a breathtaking capture. WE welcome you Rian.. don't be a stranger now!

ISLAND EXCLUSIVE :: John Strand by Jenny Baquing

Hailing from the "entertainment capital of the world", the leading city where leading the creation of motion pictures, television production, video games and recorded music, 27 years old Los Angeles based talent John Strand takes residency on our ISLAND pages. And like many of his predecessors in this industry, WE anticipate exceeding greatness from John. This edit was captured by fashion & life style photographer Jenny Baquing.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

ISLAND EXCLUSIVE :: New Face Ilia Negarestan by Tina Wong

Today WE introduce 20 years old, Texas-based, New Face Ilia Negarestan to our pages in an edit captured by photographer Tina Wong. In addition, the edit spotlights model Traci Moore and was styled by Devin White for Alondria, with hair and make up by Courtney Guy. What intense features this guy has [move to one of the big cities]!

ISLAND EXCLUSIVE :: INTERVIEW | Erko Jun by Dirk Alexander

20years old Erko Jun (Junuzovic), born in Janja, Bosnia, left his country during the war and at present lives in Antwerp, Belgium. Erko started lifting weights when he was 16, due to an injury on his leg during a muay-thai training. This is when he started seeing difference in his body, he was instantaneously addicted to Fitness. After 2 years training by himself, he was introduced to a gym called Bill Richardson Gym. Bill was the owner and trainer who helped him a lot and prepared me for competitions.
"I was really nervous for my first competition and also sick on the day itself, but I took first place. This gave me motivation to go on after the first comp." --Erko J.

Model Spotlight :: Portraits | Ollie Edwards by Renie Saliba


Top model Ollie Edwards is spotlighted in an intimate study by fashion photographer Renie Saliba.


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