Saturday, 12 March 2011

Model Spotlight:: Daniel Garofali by James Demitri

24 years old Australian model and dancer Daniel Garofali [Wilhelmina Models] is at it again and there is no stopping him. In fact he's quickly becoming on of my new favorites. He's ambitious and driven by an innate passion for the arts and the industry. Here is spotlighted in an edit shot by photographer James Demitri.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

ISLAND Spotlight :: Adam Aalyan by Wim de Roo

Fashion Spotlight:: Fiasco Magazine | Josh Beech shot by Caius Christoe

Welcome to Hollywood 2011! 22years old British delight, Josh Beech [Models 1 UK] was in edit themed 'Hustler White' by fashion photographer Caius Christoe for Fiasco Magazine.

Music Spotlight:: Ricky Martin by Mariano Vivanco | “Music + Alma + Sexo”

After the cover, photographer Mariano Vivanco is sharing more
Ricky Martin‘s album photos for MAS: “Music + Alma + Sexo”.
Image Director: Wilfredo Rosado. CLICK HERE FOR FULL EDIT

Model Spotlight:: Kaylan Falgoust by Rick Day


Photography Spotlight :: Exclusive | Herman Chow featuring Geo Geoffroy

WE welcome to our pages for the first time, Amsterdam-based fashion photographer Herman Chow as he shares a study featuring French model Geo Geoffroy.
"I wanted to bring out the versatility of Geoffroy on both the fitness and fashion side. I find his features absolutely strong and captivating."--Herman Chow

ISLAND Spotlight :: Happy Birthday Eric Rensburg!

Today WE spotlight British model Eric Rensburg, in a study by photographer Douglas Allen Deacon in time for his birthday. So to you Eric, WE at ISLAND celebrate you!.



Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Fashion Spotlight:: MODE [ShortList] | David Gandy by Ram Shergill

If ever you are to have an opening, never settle for just the mundane, always take the risk and go all out. It's better to have an unforgettable start than a casual beginning; and it seems that British publication MODE [ShortList] followed this principle. For their first cover, they've decided to open with a man who's rapidly rising through the fashion world and is adulated as an inspiration to a generation of British men, Supermodel David Gandy. The cover story was perfectly titled "Stallion :The man and the model:"and was shot by fashion photographer Ram Shergill and was styled by Adrian Clark. This is only the beginning!

Photography Spotlight :: Kemuel Valdes featuring Stanislav Bryant

Model Stanislav Bryant by photographer Kemuel Valdes.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Model Spotlight :: EXCLUSIVE | Carlos Freire by Michael McCloud

Fashion photographer Michael McCloud shares a recent edit featuring the stunning South African-based, Brazilian stud Carlos Freire. The edit was styled by Odyssesus Von Bizmark with hair and makeup by Amber Kennedy.

Model Spotlight:: Top Model Joshua Kloss by Bell Soto

Of all the current Top Male Models, 29years old, 6'2  actor & model, Portland-born superman Joshua Kloss is one of my favorite. Here he is spotlighted in a study by the amazing New York based, Peruvian photographer, Bell Soto.

Model Spotlight :: Corey Kirk by Mckenzie James

Born November 22th, 1987, in Kirkland Lake, Northern Ontario, Canadian talent Corey Kirk turns out to be the resident hottie in the North, majoring in both modeling and acting. Even though Corey is pretty much known as quite the charmer, he is also deeply a romantic. Daily his drive in the industry is refreshed due to his girlfriend who he holds closes to his heart. And like most men with great bodies, Corey maintains his physique by constantly being in motion. He's either at the dojo sparing through mixed martial arts session, or at the gym pumping that iron, around the park running or just disciplining his full cognition into a mindset for modeling...all in all Corey is a great guy to whom we've had the pleasure of meeting and WE promise it would be the last time! The images for this study were captured by none other than Canadian photographer Mckenzie James.


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