Friday, 28 January 2011

Photography Spotlight :: Mattheus Lian featuring Jamie Dominic

Model/Photographer Mattheus Lian is switching to behind the camera and although new to photography he knows his way around a studio. These stunning images of American model and musician Jamie Dominic are the first to be released.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

ISLAND EXCLUSIVE :: Night Duel | Craig Longley by Andy Houghton

'Night Duel' is the latest Exclusive ISLAND study featuring British models Craig Longley and Mark Schofield [M&P models], champions of defiance. The study was  beautifully chronicled and directed by talented, UK based Memory Keeper Andy Houghton.
Married with the still shots, a vid-reel also produced by Houghton, featuring Neil Lumberg, Lee Pallender, Mark and Craig with music - Body Double by Pilot Priest. [See Below]


ISLAND Spotlight :: Arturo Magadan by Dexter Brown

It never ceases to amaze me, the amount of great, unseen talent it has out there but, too the rescue they usually find themselves to us or we see them first; such is the case with this edit. Today we introduce 26 years old, Wisconsin based model Arturo Magadan of FORD models in an edit by fashion photographer Dexter Brown. Assisted by Mike Windle, with hair and makeup by Christina Artrip.

Model Spotlight :: New Face Carlos Villar by David Wagner

L.A. based Memory Keeper David Wagner, shares with us an amazing Carlos Villar. Being Cuban by origin naturally perpetuates the fascination that is the Latin man. Unshrouding the proverbial foreskin of eroticism and sensual appeal, coupled with years of practice in dance, Carlos has been able to effortlessly fashion his body to perfection. 

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Fashion Spotlight:: Back2Black | Sheila by Tony Veloz

Memory Keeper Tony Veloz shares a recent edit themed 'Back2Black' and featuring the stellar Sheila with Basic Model Management. The story was styled by Julian Pierre Boney, with the make up by Kim Reyes and hair by the talented Kahlil Oliver. I could just hear all our female readers scream "finally!"

Photography Spotlight :: Nathan Best featuring Kyle Pinsonneault

Appearing for the first time on our page, it is an honor to introduce Photographer Nathan Best and by extension the remarkable 23 years old, Canadian model, Kyle Pinsonneault [Major Models Milano]. The study which intricately focused on the beauty of details was all styled, groomed and edited by Nathan himself... WE are humbled!

Model Spotlight :: GIO by Royce Bugarin

Male stud GIO is a Venezuelan born figure model and masseur, based in Midtown Hell's Kitchen, New York. The 30 years old Titan who's presence commands attention and is well known for his... 'awe,' is equally esteemed for his effortlessness in his works. Often he  portrayed with an alarming tone of nonchalance yet, behind all that glamor the man exudes raw-sensuality. Here he is shot in a study by NY Memory Keeper Royce Bugarin.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Fashion Spotlight:: Bas-Fonds | Sasha Marini by Errikos Andreou

Greek Fashion Photographer Errikos Andreou, collaborates with stylist / creative director Al Giga for an exclusive edit featured in French publication Pref Magazine. The edit which as entitled Bas Fondswhich was recently shot in Athens, Greece and spotlighted none other than the 'Crown Prince' Sasha Marini.

Model Spotlight :: New Face Daniel Herman by Ovier Alvarez

Hailing from Huntington Beach, California, we introduce New Face Daniel Herman, in a study by Chicago based fashion Photographer Ovier Alvarez. This emerging talent is 19years old, stands at 188cm (6'2) and currently seeking representation. Have a feeling this guy is gona shake things up!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Model Spotlight :: Joel Evan by Ray Pila

28 years old talent Joel Evan aka Sir JET, is back with us again, this time being spotlighted by photographer Ray Pila

ISLAND Spotlight :: Brock Chapman by Thomas Synnamon

Brock Chapman was born in Gathersburg, MD on November 1st, 1990. He is 5'10. Played sports year round in high school resulting in being both a football and track star. Presently he plays basketball and flag football competitively, not in college, just in his spare time. 

Sunday, 23 January 2011

ISLAND Spotlight :: Southwest Photography Tour

Today we present an amazing collaboration between two dynamic photographers, Michael Sutton and Miles Schuster who are partnering for a Southwest Photography Tour that commences from the 15th of February - 1st May 2011

Sutton who is no stranger to ISLAND introduces us to Miles, a childhood friend who he's worked with on and off until recently they decided that by joining their works, there is so much more they can offer, cover and conquer.

So whether it is building your portfolio, actor's head-shot, revamping your comp card or
seeking unique, high fashion aesthetics, they have a package to offer. Visit for more information.

Fashion Spotlight:: SLURP magazine | David Gandy by Massimo Pamparana


Supermodel DAVID GANDY is Perfect -end of text-. Here he is spotlighted by fashion photographer Massimo Pamparana with styling by Matteo Greco for Slurp Magazine.


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