Saturday, 15 January 2011

ISLAND EXCLUSIVE :: THOR | Interview with Stephan Wahl

Sure, he has not  yet been listed in many publications or in-front the lens of noted photographers but, Miami based Model Stephan Wahl is well on his way to changing all of that; one step at a time... first by his shooting with Master-Memory Keeper David Vance and now through this EXCLUSIVE. The other reason this spread happened so quickly  was through the thrill of getting to know Stephan. I confess he had my attention after his first smile. The man is an absolute charmer with one of the most engaging personalities you'd ever come across. 

Now Thor is a prominently mentioned god throughout Norse mythological-history, who's known for his thunder-wielding hammer, his strength, his arrogance and yet for his unfailing compassion. David Vance collaborates with a man of valor, model Stephan Wahl for an ISLAND EXCLUSIVE themed THOR

Friday, 14 January 2011

Model Spotlight :: Seth Mitchell by Tim Ricks

Came across this set recently whiles talking with Model Seth Mitchell and felt compelled to share a few. Images courtesy LA-based photographer Tim Ricks.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Fashion Spotlight :: Opposite Side | Sasha Marini by Patrizia Fiandanese

Fashion photographer Patrizia Fiandanese shares a recent edit themed "Opposite Side" featuring model Sasha Marini [Commence Quest (NY)]. The study is to spotlight the hidden side that's in all of us... our true twin and was put together with the aid of stylist Veronica Mazziotta and post production by Alessandro Lanciotti. Labels used in this edit are Giorgio Armani, Missoni, Moschino, Raf Simons for Fred Perry, Messaggerie, Ksubi, Dead Meat, Eveet, Scotch & Soda, Ash and Vintage 55.

Model Spotlight :: Erko Jun Digitals

Belgium-based Fitness model and instructor Erko Jun, of [Shortlist Model Management] shares with us New Digitals. Erko is 20years old, stands 5' 11" (180cm) and weighs 200 lbs.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Model Spotlight :: Marcel Bojicic by Sam Scott Schiavo

The age of innocence... Photographer Sam Schiavo shares with us a study featuring, Austrian-based emerging talent, Marcel Bojicic.  


Model Spotlight :: Daniel Garofali by Rick Day

Quickly becoming one of the most sought after talent, Australian beefcake Daniel Garofali reminds us about the stored up treasures that lay Down Under. This study was shot by none other than principle photog Rick Day.

 For more images on this Boy Wonder, follow link to : Daniel Garofali by Rick Day :

Model Spotlight :: Stephan Wahl by Jose Alexzander


Miami based hunk Stephan Wahl, shares with us a few images from a recent study shot by emerging photographer and graphic wizard Jose Alexzander.

Fashion Spotlight :: DAS HERRENHAUS | Sasha Marini for Stile In mag

Italian model Sasha Marini [Commence Quest (NY)], shares with us a recent edit for Italian publication, Stile In magazine. The edit which was themed “DAS HERRENHAUS” [The Mansion] was shot by fashion-photographers Enrico OdanoPaolo Inselvini, also features the stunning Samara Peres [Urban Management (IT)]The study's theme was to spotlight the lack of communication between men and women and the different way to express their intimate feelings.

Continue to FULL edit DAS HERRENHAUS | Sasha Marini for Stile In after the jump

Model Spotlight :: Johannes Raadsma by Simon Le

Now of all the gifts we got this season, the holidays wont be merry without work from one of our most valued photographers. The Australian based, Principal Memory Keeper Simon Le, shares with us an earlier study featuring the breathtaking Johannes Raadsma... happy holidays 

Model Spotlight :: Daniel Mitchell by Osvaldo Rivera

It's now time for some much deserved sun after all the cold, and where better to get it than in the tropics, by way of Puerto Rico. Today we welcome and introduce both new comers to the ISLAND [pun intended] Photographer Osvaldo Rivera, as he shares one of his better known studies, featuring the exotic Daniel Mitchell.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Model Spotlight :: Jack Mackenroth by Rick Day

He who will define Handsome for years to come, fashion designer and model Jack Mackenroth shares with us a study on him done by legendary, New York Male-figure photographer Rick DayAt present Jack is still working on his memoir which, should be out in 2011 along with a couple of other hush hush tv projects. There is no such thing as too much Jack! So until the next post, WE urge you to visit his website-[] and you can follow him on Twitter-[] and on his Facebook-[].

Continue to FULL study | Jack Mackenroth by Rick Day after the jump>>

Photography Spotlight :: Louis Botha featuring Michael McCloud

Thank you both for this awesome gift. With ecstasy I present the new works from a South African based, emerging, key-photographer Louis Botha as he spotlights a study featuring none other but the talented Michael McCloud [20 Management].

ISLAND Spotlight :: RAPTURE | Brent Ragan by Jay Jorgensen

There are many things I see daily that catch my attention but, only a few really hold it. Today ISLAND introduces Brent Ragan in a recent study entitled 'RAPTURE', shot by Male-figure photographer Jay Jorgensen. My discovery of Brent was one inspired by intrigue which, inexplicably evolved as I got we got to know each other deeper and was marveled by how open and free-spirited he was.

Model Spotlight :: New Face Stanislav Bryant by Kemuel Valdes

Great work NEVER fades... as a holiday treat Memory Keeper Kemuel Valdes, shares with us an earlier study featuring Russian красота, model Stanislav Bryant who, we would be seeing a lot more off very soon!

Model Spotlight :: Portraits | Tarik Kaljanac by Marcel Bojicic

Such an honor to yet again spotlight the Prince of Sarajevo, model Tarik Kaljanac [Tempo Models], this time shot by photographer Marcel BojicicContinue to FULL portrait series @ Marcel Bojicic Photography.

ISLAND Spotlight :: GIFTS from Dylan Rosser

Principle Memory Keeper Dylan Rosser shares with us three, new delightful gifts, to warm and bring joy too you during this holiday season. We take deep pleasure in firstly introducing Dmitry from Moscow, who recently had a edit done on him over @ BeautifulMag.

Model Spotlight :: Todd Sanfield for Fantasticmag

There is never a moment where I am not overwhelmed by the sight of this emerging top model, the breathtaking Todd Sanfield.

Continue to FULL STUDY on Todd Sanfield @ Fantasticmag

Fashion Spotlight :: V74- Boutique | John Anthony Sutton featuring Ovy Anghel

Commercial and Fashion Photographer John Anthony Sutton, shares a recent campaign for  V74- Boutique [Miami], featuring Top Model Ovy Anghel [ELITE Hong Kong]. 

Photography Spotlight :: THOR | David Vance featuring Stephan Wahl

Thor is a prominently mentioned god throughout Norse mythological-history, who's known for his thunder-wielding hammer, his strength, his arrogance and yet for his unfailing compassion. Master-Memory Keeper David Vance collaborates with a man of valor, model Stephan Wahl for an ISLAND EXCLUSIVE themed THOR.

-Coming Soon-

Fashion Spotlight :: Mourning Morning | Yannick Leconte featuring Sébastien Mercier


Fashion photographer Yannick Leconte shares an edit entitled 'Mourning Morning' featuring our current resident stud, Sébastien Mercier. Constructed by fashion editor Phillipe Uter.


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