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ISLAND EXCLUSIVE :: THOR | Interview with Stephan Wahl

Sure, he has not  yet been listed in many publications or in-front the lens of noted photographers but, Miami based Model Stephan Wahl is well on his way to changing all of that; one step at a time... first by his shooting with Master-Memory Keeper David Vance and now through this EXCLUSIVE. The other reason this spread happened so quickly  was through the thrill of getting to know Stephan. I confess he had my attention after his first smile. The man is an absolute charmer with one of the most engaging personalities you'd ever come across. 

Now Thor is a prominently mentioned god throughout Norse mythological-history, who's known for his thunder-wielding hammer, his strength, his arrogance and yet for his unfailing compassion. David Vance collaborates with a man of valor, model Stephan Wahl for an ISLAND EXCLUSIVE themed THOR

ISLAND Q: Ok tell me really, what was the inspiration behind your THOR shoot?
Stephan A: Ummm, David was... haha. I had approached him on a model networking website, simply asking him if he’d do a head shot for me. Little did I realize I’d get much more than I had bargained for. He had followed my request by asking me if I would do this concept shoot with him. What am I supposed to say, “no”? He’s a master!
ISLAND Q: What do you like most when you work with a photographer?
Stephan A: Communication is the key! Like most models, I like when the photographer communicates well both his plan and expectation... gets involved. I once had shot with a photographer and it felt like I was just being x-rayed by a radiologist.  Almost creepy...  

ISLAND Q: Well in this case you got to work with the Noted David Vance. What was that experience like?
Stephan A: Working with David was sincerely a pleasure and the mood was always light. We had some belly laughs, joking about the difficulties a photographer might encounter shooting CNN reporter Michael Ware.  Also, I think we were both pleasantly surprised when, being historic helmet collectors.  I identified a genuine French Dragoon helmet from the 1800’s in his studio which he was just using as a prop.
ISLAND Q: Who or what currently inspires you with their work, both infront and behind the camera?
Stephan A: I’ve found myself where I am today since a few months back when I was fortunate enough to find myself seeing this girl. She’d gotten distracted out of our relationship by an Abercrombie  & Fitch model who’s dream it is -ironically- to be a pilot. So you could say, I’ve been forced into a situation of being like an alchemist, turning lead into gold.  As I left I told her 'I could have a body like his after only 60 days'... little did I know I’d be shooting with many of the same photographers only a couple months after that. Modeling has really taken on a life of its own,  and I owe it all to this one model.
ISLAND S: Oh pleeeeease call names lol.
Stephan A: *politely smiles and shakes head*

ISLAND Q: When you aren't shooting or at the gym toning your already perfect body, what do you do and how does it affect or bleed into your current path as an emerging model?
Stephan A: In 2000, after getting fed up with the paper and the promises of working in the insurance industry, I returned to school to become a pilot. Today, most days I spend long hours in my corner office but I’m always able to find time for a shoot with the right photographer. So whatever happened with aviation school, did you drop it?  Oh no, at present I am a commercial pilot! In addition, being into art all my life and having considered a career in it, became a major part of the make up of who I am. Creating art has always been a form of cathartic expression, so for the time being, that creativity is being expressed through modeling.
ISLAND Q: THOR is a mythological God of Thunder. Describe how you can relate to him.
Stephan A: Sometimes when I sit on the beach down here at night, I’m often struck by the sound of distant airliners climbing out over the Atlantic Ocean. Although hidden from view, you could still hear them and even feel them in your chest, thundering off into the nights sky. I carry those sounds and sensations with me today as I make my way through my career. One can see how easy it is to associate that with the God of thunder.

ISLAND Q:What are you most excited about for 2011?
Stephan A: For myself and for everyone else, I’m really hoping this is the year the economy takes off again. Not one person I know hasn’t been effected by it. Hopefully also, this is the year I’ll find Ms. Right.
ISLAND Q: Lastly, Boxers / briefs / either / neither?
Stephan A: Honestly a very good question. I don’t know about you, but being asked to go to the gym only with a pair of boxers on is like asking a girl to go jogging without a sports bra. I prefer boxer-briefs. Lately Diesel has come out with a really cool line of them and being of German blood, I honestly can’t leave the mall without a new pair.... it just wouldn’t be right!

Well there you have it...the words and thoughts of the 6'3 hunk Stephan Wahl. Even though he never revealed the identities of  the enigmatic parties involved in both his transformation & elevation, we still have crazy respect and love for him... What a man!

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