Saturday, 20 November 2010

ISLAND Spotlight :: Joe Zaso by Murray Grondin

Today we spotlight friend, actor, filmmaker and all time American-hunk Joe Zaso for being the amazing person that he is and to publicly wish him a Happy Birthday. Joe.. you are living art!  

Friday, 19 November 2010

Fashion Spotlight :: RAPTURE by Jeff Olson

New York-based Fashion Photographer Jeff Olson, shares work from his a latest edit spotlighting models Katya [Women Direct] and Molly [Ford Models]. The edit was made complete with styling by David Widjaja, hair by Riad Azar and make up Mark Verhagen.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Photography Spotlight :: Arrow Studio featuring Jorge & Disneidi De La Conception | Couples

It's a great time to be hot, to be a couple, to be in Miami and of course to catch the attention of leading lifestyle photographer, Martin Purmensky. Without any delay Martin shares his latest addition to his ongoing series 'Couples' featuring a beautiful couple Jorge and Disneidi De La Conception. They both are from Cuba and have been living in the US for quite some time and are currently pursuing the avenue of a modeling career. So we expect to be seeing much more them very soon! 

Photography Spotlight :: Doc Marlon featuring Carlos Freire

Today with absolute pleasure WE introduce an Absolute-Hunk, Carlos Freire. This 25years old Brazilian Top Model, who was spotlighted by photographer Doc Marlon, is represented by Major models (NY)/ Urban (Milano) and Vision (LA) with 40Graus Models as his Mother Agency (Brazil).

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

ISLAND Spotlight :: VATRA | Dirk Alexander featuring Erko Part 2

As promised, it REALLY only gets better! Belgian photographer Dirk Alexander finally releases the sequel to the first shoot : Primordium :. VATRA is the Bosnian word for Fire, which is title of this edit and the word best used to describe the sum total of the Bosnian-born inspired muse, model Erko Jun.  
In the first edit they used applying the element of ambiguity while, in this edit they used fire for a much darker tone. Preview the Vatra vid-reel after the jump.


Photography Spotlight :: Frank Waldacker featuring Thiago De Oliveira

It's amazing what great things you can re-discover when you revisit the past. Here we found this fantastic layout by German photographer Frank Waldacker featuring  the Brazilian heartthrob Thiago De Oliveira. Does it really get better than this? :-)

Photography Spotlight :: Richard Gerst featuring Remi Chester

New York-based photographer Richard Gerst shares with us another strong emerging talent and full time hunk, L.A. based model Remi Chester [Vision/Re:Quest/Gadal], who flew across state for this shooting. Richard describes Remi as an absolute delight to work with and was stunned by the images they got *which of course is top secret* ! But for more images on this shoot, flow link to : Gadal Models :

Fashion Spotlight :: Guapo | Winter is for Jackets by Ben Lamberty

Photographer Ben Lamberty shares an editorial which was done for the 2010 Fall/Winter Blonde Issue of Guapo Magazine, themed "Winter is for Jackets." The edit features two impossibly amazing faces, models Julius Gerhardt and Thomas Isermann, with styling Ingo Nahrwold and grooming by Gregor Makris.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Model Spotlight :: Seth Mitchell by Kemuel Valdes

True beauty never fades... Miami based Photographer Kemuel Valdes of [Valdes Art House] shares with us a model and a friend, the incredibly-handsome Seth Mitchell

Continue to more images on Seth Mitchell after the jump>>

ISLAND Spotlight :: Maik Wiedenbach by Rick Day

Today I (Kai) wanted to personally do this spread and re-introduce a friend and model, the "Gentle Giant" Maik Wiedenbach. Maik is a 6'2", 227lbs elite-NY personal trainer, fitness model, endearing friend and an absolute-hunk!
After his debut on ISLAND in the  edit : Maik Wiedenbach by Richard Gerst : a lot of great opportunities have emerged. For one, this shooting by Rule-photographer Rick Day, the release of his latest DVD [The Desk Athlete] and another, being signed to a major agency.  Yes folks Model Maik Wiedenbach is officially represented by New York's most celebrated athletic model management, Silver Models. We congratulate you Maik and expect great things from you soon!


For more on Maik Wiedenbach, please visit his newly released DVD The Desk Athlete. It promises to be most enriching!


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