Saturday, 23 October 2010

ISLAND EXCLUSIVE :: Dirk Alexander featuring Erko

Today ISLAND basks in the afterglow of sublime talent, as we officially introduce Memory Keeper Dirk Alexander when he spotlights 20 years old New Face,  Bosnian super-stud Erko for an ISLAND EXCLUSIVE. Stay tuned for more on this dynamic pair, we promise you it ONLY gets better!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Model Spotlight :: Corey Higgins by John Paul in Polaroids

Photographer John Paul releases one of many features to come spotlighting his muse,  the engaging Corey Higgins. This feature is titled 'Polaroids.'

Model Spotlight :: New Face Roland Weine by Jascha Pansch

Photographer Jascha Pansch spotlights a New Face, 24 years old, 188cm German-talent Roland Weine.
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Model Spotlight :: Introducing Model Danilo Esposito

Today we introduce New Face, 16years old, 186 cm German model Danilo Esposito as he shares his latest digitals. Danilo is addicted to football, both playing and watching, likes jogging (one of his best ways to remain fit and healthy) but loves modeling and fashion... he says he becomes 'entranced by the art.' We welcome come you into the industry, wish you a great career and eagerly await future works from you. 

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Model Spotlight :: Chris Tianssen by Cyprien Leym

Photographer Cyprien Leym spotlights Parisian-beauty, model Chris Tianssen [Mika Kanno] for a recent study.

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Fashion Spotlight :: Master/Slave 2011SS Collection by Simon Le

Today we are bringing you another dimension to the Australian-wonder, Photographer Simon Le as he illustrates his new direction rather, than hot muscle men as you've been fed . His feature spotlights new faces Jan Poborak, Patrick Hofmeisterope and of course Stefan Brydon, for the Sydney-based Spring/Summer 2011 Master/Slave label's Collection. Styled by Roderick Ng and assisted by Ben Edwards. "What excellent work!"

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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Model Spotlight :: Jan Niklas Knopp by Stephan Schramm

After his last submission on model Heiko Mittelhäusser, German talent Stephan Schramm shares with us another brilliant layout, this time featuring heartthrob Jan Niklas Knopp of EastWestModels and MGM model management.  

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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Photography Spotlight :: Pin Ups by Ray John Pila

Without hesitation, inspired Photographer Ray John Pila shares with us another one of his dynamic series called, 'Pin Ups.'
"I  got the idea from hotels and motels... mostly one night stands and thinking before and after you have casual sex- or in that time line (in the moments before or after) of in the process of finding a place to get it on in a old hotel or motel, lol. It was a fun series, I love the old hotel and motel signs, they  added great detail..."--Ray John Pila--
The feature spotlights the amazing Brad Greiner, Gabriel Langenbrunner, James Shaepe, Timothy Larson, Jack Kubaki, CJ, John Trazco and of course Rocky Myers.

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Model Spotlight :: Introducing Jihaime Dos Santos by Cyprien Leym in 'Lost Angel'

Today with pleasure we spotlight another talented memory keeper, Paris-based Fashion Photographer Cyprien Leym and he introduces New Face Jihaime Dos Santos in a study entitled "Lost Angel." This half-French, half-Brazilian stud who is 26 yrs old and stands at 5'11 (180cm), is represented by Mika Kanno Agency [Japan] and works part-time within Europe. Jihamie is also a personal trainer for a few of the most elite names in Europe yet, his dream remains to be an international model /actor and is still working on it.

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