Saturday, 16 October 2010

Model Spotlight :: Tony Duran featuring Joshua Kloss | Part2

Principle Photographer Tony Duran unveils the second installment, on his sessions with the alluring Joshua Kloss
Follow Link to view the FULL layout featuring Joshua Kloss on Homotography.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Fashion Spotlight :: Linus Gustin for Numéro Homme by Jean-Baptiste Mondino


Principle Fashion-Photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino delivers another riveting story spotlighting model Linus Gustin,  along with some other stunning beauties  for the latest issue of Numéro Homme, with the help of the Serge Girardi

Photography Spotlight :: Introducing Ray John Pila featuring Roberto Barajas Maya

Today we spotlight a photographer who's work we have been following for some time, with each occasion leaving us astounded. The California-based stellar Photographer Ray John Pila, finally makes his way to ISLAND (and boy do we welcome him ). Ray starts us off with a layout featuring the very gifted Roberto Barajas Maya, who we would be seeing a lot more off pretty soon. We welcome you both!

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Photography Spotlight :: Pioneers by Rick Day

New York based Male-physique Master Photographer Rick Day follows his hugely successful first book 'Players' with the seconded entitled 'Pioneers.' The photo book spotlights Rick's unique ability to 'see-beyond-the-veil,' in addition to also spotlighting  on his models ability to act out their innate superior-exhibitionism

View FULL layout on Pioneers by Rick Day at Homotography.


Thursday, 14 October 2010

Model Spotlight :: Introducing Trevor Adams by Rick Day

Knowing what you want out of life is generally an extraordinary privilege, that not many people are privy too. Top Fitness-Model Trevor Adams is certainly aware of what he wants because he is emotionally disciplined and sure of himself.

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ISLAND Spotlight :: Kendrick D. Kemp by Dwight Lake

Today ISLAND spotlights one of our own editors, Top Model Kendrick D. Kemp by photographer Dwight Lake.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Model Spotlight :: New Face Carlos Ferreira for Ünique Model

Today ISLAND spotlights New Face Carlos Ferreira, who hails to us from the 'Mecca-of-Models,' the enchanting Brazil. Carlos is 18 years, 6'0 (183cm) and is represented by Ünique Model. Nossa, muito gostoso !!!

All pictures courtesy of  Ünique Model.

Model Spotlight :: Introducing Stefan Brydon for Marcuse Swimwear by Simon Le

Photographer Simon Le shares with us his latest work featuring 22yrs old, British-born-adonis, model Stefan Brydon for Marcuse [Swimwear] 2011/SS collection.  Stefan who now lives in Sydney, was more than ecstatic when he was chosen model to be the principle model for this campaign,  knowing that he was not only representing one of the leading  men's designer-swimwear brands in Australia but, throughout the globe. Swimwear designed specifically to exceed your expectations and enhance your appearance.

Continue to the FULL layout of the Marcuse Swimwear collection after the jump>>

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Model Spotlight :: Danny Perez Jr. by Tony Duran

No stranger to our site, the awesome California-based model Danny Perez Jr. adorns the ISLAND with his subtly in sensualism for a layout by Photographer Tony Duran.

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Me as a big fan of fashion and big 'waster' of my talent as well would love to say few things. First of all: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISLAND BABY! You've got 1 year now and you getting better and better. Bless the parents ;)
Second thing: I would like to thank all the editors and awesome people who have contributed to the growth of ISLAND to be on this great level... Classy!!!
And last thing: I wish you ISLAND all the best! More and more readers and loads of great surprises in the future... Near future ;)
Your 'badboy' & Father

-Filip Jankovic-

Many coincide that BIRTH is the origin, beginning or formation of something. From Its inception COMETOISLAND.BLOGSPOT.COM has made an unfathomable mark on both its consumers and with no doubt the FASHION BLOGGING Industry. I am proud to be a contributor to ISLAND's blog as an editor,  promoter and simply someone that takes time to read all the stories. I am still glued to my chair in amazement that it has been 1 year already but I guess when your having fun doing something you love so much you never see the time fly right by. I am elated to be amongst the first to say HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY COMETOISLAND.BLOGSPOT.COM A.K.A ISLAND.

-Kendrick D. Kemp-

 Congrats on the 1 yr anniversary guys!!!

I really wish u all the best for your private life and business and everything that makes u happy in your heart and gives u positive energy. Keep making the difference with your unique attitude, your professionalism and the amazing quality of your work.
Thank u for being friend of mine and supporting my work and my efforts: I’m very thankful and honored for your constant consideration. You gave me heat, friendship and a big motivation to keep going on even if I feel so exhausted in my soul at the moment. World needs person like u to be better. You are really precious to me.
-Sasha Marini-

Happy, happy first birthday, ISLAND! This has been an amazing year of beautiful images, thought-provoking articles and wonderful fashion, and I'm looking forward to many more years with you. Talent should be celebrated and never hidden and yours is exceptional, so thank you for sharing with us
Love and best wishes always

-Jacqueline Dubrisingh‎-

Je tiens personnellement à dire "Merci" et "Félicitation" à ISLAND, un superbe site où la recherche artistique et la mise en avant des models et photographes est exceptionelle. Un grand merci en particulier à Kai sans qui, ce travail formidable ne serait possible.
Avec toute mon admiration

Congratulations on your One Year Anniversary as Fashion, Photography & Art Community! An anniversary is truly a time of celebration, and today we'd like to take a moment to thank you and your entire Community for helping so many people give, get, share advice and lend support to one another. Because of your Community's ongoing dedication, commitment, hard work and support, we look forward to seeing continued success on the Fashion, Photography & Art Community.  

-Simon Le-

A year has passed since ISLAND’s inception, and I can say with full confidence that it has definitely lived up to every expectation I had when Kai first told me about his blogging intentions. Apart from showcasing stunning work from many international and local (Trinidadian ) photographers, the insightful and many times witty posts build stories around each image, allowing ISLAND’s many readers easy access to the beautiful, fashionable world that it is a part of. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary ISLAND! Thanks to all of your writers and contributors and I hope you continue to enchant your readers for many anniversaries to come. 
 -Estevan Dubrisingh-
I thank Kai and all ISLAND's staff for having done me an interview just at ISLAND's Birthday... I met fantastic people and I hope I will work with other people at your level...
Love you guys!!!
The Last Prince
Happy Birthday ISLAND!!!  You're off to a wonderful start! Wishing you much success in the years to come!

Sretan Rođendan ISLAND- I am happy for you and wish best things for you always. And to you Kai, you are CHAMPION bro :-)

-Tarik Kaljanac-

Happy birthday to ISLAND! Thumbs up for your great work! 

Greetings from china! 


You are one year old today but you certainly radiate the fire, passion and poised look of an experienced fashionista, stylist, artist bringing life to whatever graces this blog’s pages. Special wishes to the people who facilitate and attribute these qualities: Chiyan, Kai Jankovic, Filip Jankovic,  TGordon & KDK. Thank you for sharing this blog and showcasing the best of the art of fashion and its members. Continue being the hottest blog with the fashion spotlight on it, highlighting daily the best of the best. I wish this blog, it’s creators and contributors the hottest of luck and beauty the world has to offer. 
Happy Birthday ISLAND
 -Darnell Thomas-

My baby is officially one year old now. Happy Birthday ISLAND and many love and thanks to you Kai & Filip, Troy & Kendrick. You guys have been absolutes and I love you for it. Let's push even harder and reach even further for the next one. 

Sunday, 10 October 2010

ISLAND EXCLUSIVE | Interview with The Last Prince - Benito Villella | Part 2

Welcome to the 2nd installment on the ISLAND EXCLUSIVE | Interview with The Last Prince Benito Villella, which was photographed by Ivan Nacar and outfitted by Italian designer Giuliano Fujiwara, with the Stared-mask by innovative designer Francesco Scognamiglio.  
  ISLAND wants to take this opportunity to personally thank Benito for his thoughtfulness and time placed into putting together of this EXCLUSIVE edit for US especially for our 1year anniversary Thank you and WE love you forever baby. Also to Ivan for your time spent in the production of this layout [we hope to see much more from you in the future] and of course many thanks and love to creative team, designers Giuliano Fujiwara, Francesco Scognamiglio and stylist Marzia Cuda.  

Continue Viewing FULL Layout on The Last Prince Benito Villella after the jump>>

Model Spotlight :: Introduction of Corey Higgins by John Paul

Austin-based Photographer John Paul shares with us a preview on his new muse, the enchanting Corey Higgins. Stay tuned for the upcoming layouts from this electric-duo.

ISLAND EXCLUSIVE | Interview with The Last Prince - Benito Villella

Finally here is the long awaited two-part Editorial and Exclusive Interview with The Last Prince Benito Villella, where he shares with us his history, his thoughts and himself.

The Last Prince Benito Villella who's reign climaxed when even his public Facebook page surpassed 50,000 fans in less than a year. It's a most startling number when one considers that Renowned-Supermodel 'David Gandy's page has a little more than half, yet the 25yrs old, 6'0 (182cm) Italian of Calabrian origin remains is a boy, (Perfectly Normal) as he likes to say.."this is my trump card." Yet the normality and simplicity to become so favored in such a short time, would not been without the merits derived from so specific a form. From the particular expression of his face, to his dark eyes and full lips, his olive complexion and athletic-built... all distinctively Mediterranean. Prince Villella has worked for many high end clients like Enzo Castellano and editiorials in "Stiletto homme" and "Maxim" and walked in the Fashion Week Milan. The young Prince also had us all in a frenzy when he first revealed his physique to us for Aussiebum 'oh, come la divina!'

Continue Reading FULL Interview|The Last Prince Benito Villella after the jump>>

ISLAND EXCLUSIVE :: Sasha Marini | SPIRIT by Tak Kuroha

Today ISLAND is most humbled, at the honor of being the first to Spotlight the enchanting Short-film themed 'SPIRIT' by visionary Fashion Film Director Tak Kuroha, which got a great response from The Industry all over the world.

The Short which was presented during the recent Fashion Week in Milan, features [no stranger to the realm of creativity] the overtly-brilliant, model Sasha Marini in a construct to promote fashion content by means of a film, to give an innovative visibility and exposure to very prestigious & high-end brands.
"I was very happy to get a rabbit mask on my face: my purpose was to let my body language be the main way of expression and be focused just on my intimate feelings."--Sasha Marini
The edit was made possible with the cooperation of industry creatives and fashion professionals like the Production Company: Fashion Star Group in Milan | Director of Photography: Giuseppe Bilotti | Film Editors: Daniel Leek, Tommaso Bianchi, Enrico Tosoni | Sound Designers: Martin Shibuya Hirsch | Colorist & VFX: Fabrizio Ghiso | Stylist: Cesar Valdivieso | Grooming: Andrea Gaetani and Alexandra De Vito. Of course NOT forgetting the finer details like clothes by Larusmiani and Federico Sangalli. Shoes by Donna Più and Icone and finally Jewelry by Pasquale Bruni and Corvino Diamond


Model Spotlight :: Thiago De Oliveira by Bruno Perroud

French-based Photographer Bruno Perroud shares with us a study he's been working on, spotlighting New Face and Brazilian-heartthrob Thiago De Oliveira. This 29 years old, 6'0 (180cm) fitness and underwear stud has been modeling for the last four years in Brazil, before migrating to Paris six months ago where he's also pursuing a career disk jockey. We anxiously await more great work from you Thiago

Continue to FULL layout after the jump>>


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