Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Introduction of Josh Truesdell by Masters of The Craft

ISLAND introduces it's latest prodigy, super-stud Josh Truesdell who is not just spotlighted by one, but by two Master Photographers Mr. Bruce Weber and Kemuel Valdes. Today Josh invites us into his personal space where we sit, reflect and bask is the awe of his nature.

ISLAND Q: Who is Josh Truesdell?
Josh T. A: I'm just your average guy that loves me being outside, especially anywhere near a beach. Surfing is something I truly love doing so, whenever I go back home to visit, I'm in the water within 2 hours of getting off the plane.
ISLAND Q: Tell me a story of your past... the life you had before modeling.
Josh T. A: Well let's see, I was a military brat growing up so, every year my family relocated to a different place. However, I consider Wahiawa, Hawaii to be my home since that is where I graduated from and I lived there the longest. To this day my family currently resides there. 
ISLAND Q: So what made you decide to get into modeling?
Josh T. A: Actually, I kind of fell into it. A friend of mine sent some pictures of me to a couple of agencies. I met with them and ended up signing with Elite in Miami and Click in New York.

ISLAND Q: In an industry where 'fresh' is the crave, what separates you from others and keeps you always in a demand?
Josh T. A: Having a real versatile look helps. Even within the same shoot I can go from looking like the 'All American guy next door' to an edgier high fashion look. It's  really cool to see different photographer's perception of me.
ISLAND Q: Who was the most memorable shoot to date and why?
Josh T. A: V-man and Arena with Mr. Bruce Weber. We shot at this amazing estate that had some ridiculously-beautiful water falls, that we almost fell off of. Hahaha...yea,that was amazing!
ISLAND Q: Josh, what do you think is your best feature?
Josh T. A: My ability to get along with just about anyone.

ISLAND Q: What excites you?
Josh T. A: Pretty much anything involving extreme sports like mixed martial arts, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, boxing, Muay Tai, oh and anything on a board. But my true passion is football. There's nothing better than kicking back and watching the games on a Sunday; my TV stays on ESPN at all times!
ISLAND Q: What next can we expect from Josh Truesdell?
Josh T. A: Who knows the sky is the limit. I enjoy what I do and will keep doing it. I will be both in Milan and New York for the upcoming season and I most likely will eventually end up in LA.
Well Josh WE wish you all the success and bookings for the upcoming season and thank you for doing this interview with us. WE also extend a special to Mr. Weber and of course to Kemuel Valdes who's pro-activeness and instructions made this possible :-)

Friday, 24 September 2010

Fashion Spotlight :: Sean O’Pry by Guzman for GQ Magazine

Fashion photographer Guzman shares the latest edit featured in the October 2010 issue of GQ Magazine spotlighting the talented Sean O'Pry, of VNY Models, New York.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

ISLAND Spotlight :: Mr Universe Model Winner Tarik Kaljanac

Today ISLAND is elated to Spotlight the Prince of Sarajevo, Bosnia and recently crowned 2010 Mr Universe Model Winner Tarik Kaljanac. This 20year old super-stud was an avid soccer player that moved from trial to grace as one dream faded and another blossomed. When Tarik was 16 he went skiing with family, an accident incurred which resulted in a broken leg for 3 months and inevitably, the end of his soccer career. Though crushed by that reality, Tarik never gave up and decided to pursue other avenues which inexplicably led him here.

Modeling has been very generous to him standing at 6'2 (188cm), with a body of an Olympian, a most-remarkable face and personality to just die for. He is superb to work with, very ambitious, disciplined and focused on his new passion. We can't wait for more on this raising talent  :-)

Photography courtesy Mladen Blagojevic Photography .

Model Spotlight :: Timothy James by Simon Le

...And the week just gets better. [Awesome-Photographer] Simon Le shares with us some work from an earlier edit spotlighting UK born Personal Trainer, Timothy James. In the pursuit for change and further self-discovery, twenty-five year old Timothy traded Oxford and the English countryside for Sydney’s Northern Beaches two years ago. In addition to being a PT and fitness model, Timothy is also a professional Sports Massage Therapist [oh my... what hands you have].


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Fashion Spotlight :: David Agbodji by Matthias Vriens-McGrath for Numéro Homme


Photographer Matthias Vriens-McGrath shares with us his most recent work which was featured in Fall 2010 issue of Numéro Homme mag. The edit which is themed 'My Jamaican Guy,' echos the 1983 the lead single by Grace Jones was spotlighted by model David Agbodji and styled by Timothy Reukauf.

Fashion Spotlight :: Nikolaus Führhauser by Julian Laidig

Austrian based Fashion photographer Julian Laidig shares with us an edit featuring model Nikolaus Führhauser.


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