Saturday, 18 September 2010

Model Spotlight :: Djordje Bogdanovic by Milos Nadazdin in After dark

Serbian based Director and Fashion Photographer Milos Nadazdin shares with us, another spotlight on the sensational Serbian top model Djordje Bogdanovic in an exhibition themed "After Dark" that ran a few weeks ago.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Photography Spotlight :: The Areas Of Grey by Michael McCloud

Photographer Michael McCloud shares with us an edit entitled "The Areas Of Grey". The edit was shot in China and features models Emilija Sinkeviciute and Adhi.

What stunning faces!

Photography Spotlight :: Luke Gulbranson by Joe Lally in Blue Movie for Zoo Mag.

Photographer Joe Lally shares his latest edit featuring models Luke Gulbranson and Chet Corey which is featured in the Fall 2010 issue of Zoo Mag. and cleverly themed, 'Blue Movie'. Continue reading the full layout on Blue Movie by Joe Lally | Zoo at Homotography. 

ISLAND EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW :: The Last Prince - Benito Villella

Many extraordinary models have been spotlighted on ISLAND since its Independence from Stella Mag. almost one year ago. Only a rare few have been given titles or positions of dominance and those who have labored their all, over time have earned their sovereignty within the industry. Today WE at ISLAND have the honor and pleasure of introducing such a talent, Top Model Benito Villella.

Coming soon :: ISLAND EXCLUSIVE | Interview with The Last Prince - Benito Villella in  Giuliano Fujiwara and shot by fashion photographer Ivan Nacar

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Fashion Spotlight :: David Gandy by Lionel Guyou for TWIST Mag

Supermodel David Gandy is currently featured in the latest issue of French publication, TWIST mag. which shot by Lionel Guyou and styled by Birgitte Mahrt
"He carries the wind along when the tide goes in. His footprints leave on the sand something like a star. David Gandy is intoxicatingly seductive, although he denies it. Men and women follow his wake. Flirting. Which is utterly elegant.--- TWIST

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Photography Spotlight :: Maik Wiedenbach by Richard Gerst

Taken last weekend in East Hampton NY, photographer Richard Gerst  shares with us German Olympic level swimmer, model and personal trainer Maik Wiedenbach (pronounced Mike Veedenbock). Maik (who's name I love by the way) is now the author of a book on fitness & training myths called "105 Fitness Myths and Tips" which should be available early in 2011. He also has a new DVD entitled "The Desk Athlete" for repetitive injuries at work, in addition too exercises you can do at the office. The DVD is finished and goes to press later this week and would be available shortly through a link at his website: you say "Brawns and Brain" :-) 

Maik is affectionately known among his exclusive NYC clientele as the "Gentle Giant" has been working X-tra hard with getting his physique in top form, and these shots most certainly prove it.

 Thank you Richard for Spotlighting this talent and thank you Maik for sharing your talent.

ISLAND Spotlight :: BIOGRAPHY | Fashion Photographer MICHAEL C. SUTTON part2

Photographer Michael Sutton shares with us a few mixed images from his work over the years.

ISLAND Spotlight :: BIOGRAPHY | Fashion Photographer MICHAEL C. SUTTON

When Sixteen year old Michael Sutton first picked up his camera and shot the girls in his neighborhood, he knew little about photography or how the essence of capturing another human being on film would affect him. Now, with almost two decades of experience under his belt, Sutton is rapidly becoming one of the Midwest’s most celebrated fashion photographers. The son of two interior decorators, the veteran photographer attributes his “designer eye” and instinct for style to his family upbringing and genetics. During late childhood, Sutton emigrated from the Virgin Islands to the United States with his family. Photography became a cherished adolescent hobby: his camera clung to him as if it were apart of him. 
After being challenged by a friend that he could never make a career out of photography, Sutton set out on a dauntless journey. He went on to study his beloved passion at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. This became the turning point for Sutton and his hobby suddenly launched into a career.

Sutton currently resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has spent twenty years of his life learning and absorbing all he can about the modeling industry. Working as both an artist and professional photographer, he admits that his work is most fulfilling due to the fact that he makes dreams come true for much of the talent he shoots.

Although his work has been targeted toward the more conservative Midwest markets, he has worked with many well-known agencies outside of the Midwest including national and international agencies such as Ford (Chicago); Elite (Miami); Agency Galatea, Grossman & Jack Talent agency (Chicago); Jennifer’s Talent (Milwaukee); Michele Pommier; Irene Marie; and many more. Because of his Alliances, he has expanded his marketing efforts to include such cities as New York; Toronto; Phoenix; the more editorial Miami; International Cairo; and has even returned to his exotic roots in his hometown of St, Thomas United States Virgin Island. With such a diverse background, it is no wonder Suttons’s work calls for models that are adventurous, daring and unique.

Although the work of this talented photographer has opened many doors, Sutton is undeniably anxious to continue his learning and development in order to be the best. When the time comes that Sutton feels he has reached his peak and is satisfied with his accomplishments and achievements, he plans to focus on another longtime passion…fine art.

This Spotlight features Michael's latest discovery and muse model Joshua Schuster who is currently seeking representation, in addition too future publications. WE thank you  Michael and Josh for both sharing your talent and pursuing your dream :-)


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