Saturday, 28 August 2010

Photography Spotlight :: Christian Jones by Stephan Schramm

Young talent, photographer Stephan Schramm shares with us an edit featuring musician Christian Jones. The intent of the edit was to reflect  the art of versatility. In merging the strengths of both masculine and feminine, Stephan realized Christian himself was an individual of his own invention and not a person defined by his world renowned sister, Grace Jones.

This edit was styled by Linda Ehrl, made up and groomed by Linda Frohriep and photog assist was Sven Langer. (Great job guys!)

Friday, 27 August 2010

Model Spotlight :: Michael McCloud Digitals

Model Michael McCloud is quite frankly just getting hotter day by day, and his bookings are getting more interesting as he goes along taking China by force. Michael is signed to Baystar Models in China and shares with us his latest digitals which were taken a few days ago.

Fashion Spotlight :: Ivan Gatti by Tomas Falmer for Attitude magazine

And the Summer just keeps getting hotter, yet strangely bearable. Here model Ivan Gatti poses in an edit shot by Tomas Falmer  themed 'Aqua Viva' for the September issue of  Attitude magazine. View full spread at Homotography.

Fashion Spotlight :: David Gandy by Rankin for PKZ Fall 2010/11

It's amazing that though many things change, and change is quintessential in this industry, that there are a few things, people if you will that remain as resilient as the first time time. Super model David Gandy reminds us why he is the owner of the title and still a top model, as he is spotlighted in the new Fall/Winter 2010/11 campaign for Swiss department store PKZ, which was shot by London based photog Rankin. The campaign main highlights two looks, The Casual and The Business.


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Model Spotlight :: Shawn Stingel in Slumberland by Tony Veloz

The phenomenon that is model Shawn Stingel emanates again. This time it's captured through the lens of photographer Tony Veloz in a layout themed, "Slumberland" where ones imagination is free to run wild...

But don't let Shawn's charming looks put you to sleep, for this trilogy of images will keep you from hitting the snooze button. Enjoy the sights of Slumberland and perchance to dream.

Fashion Spotlight :: Tony Ward by Nelson Simoneau for John Bartlett Fall 2010 Campaign

One of the few manifestations of male sex appeal in the flesh, icon Tony Ward submits himself to the latest 2010 Fall campaign of both designers La Maison Simons (Canada) and John Barlett (New York). The collaboration for this special limited collection titled "John Bartlett Collection Signature Simons." Taking into account his fall line, Bartlett extended his latest lineup to include a “mix of urban sexiness and rugged outdoor detailing.” From militaristic outerwear and slim suiting to sateen shirting, Bartlett puts on a fantastic showing for Simons, who have planned a September 7th release for the new line. Which of course needed the compliments of the ideal man who embodies sex appeal, raw masculinity, a hint of sophistication and still be a modern man. The campaign was shot by photographer Nelson Simoneau.


Monday, 23 August 2010

ISLAND Spotlighgt :: Introducing Bryan Solus for "Personal Project" by Ronald N. Tan

Photographer Ronald N. Tan shares with us his latest talent, model Bryan Solus, who is featured in his ongoing project themed "Personal Project." Ronald recently received Bryan from Modesto, CA as a guest to his 2010 exploratory "Personal Project" and we are forever grateful that such a connection was made. No doubt as as his trade mark, Ronald always seems to find the men that just exude natural masculinity- how extraordinary!

Model Spotlight :: Tony Duran featuring Joshua Kloss

YVY mag. shares with us the latest from photographer Tony Duran work. The layout features model Joshua Kloss and top stylist Douglas VanLaningham. To view the full feature, visit link at YVY mag.

ISLAND Spotlight :: Debut of Michael McCloud's Website

Model Michael McCloud shares with ISLAND some images and a video  for his new personal website called Michael McCloud. The Video and website was done by Carl James and special thanks goes out to Daryl Sledge, who's Michael's friend and mentor. 

Link to the Website -:
Link to Video -: Video

Troy Gordon :: NYC Gossip- I saw Prince

First off lets start with Sunday (last week). I was told not to mass message about RIHANNA coming and somehow when I was sending out mass texts one of the girls I knew is BFFS with RIHANNA and told her that JULIET was promoting her "stopping by" and she decided not to come so her non-appearance is my fault. Sorry guys. THETROYREPORT.COM

On another note the list is endless of people who we love to stare and glare and ask for autographs of were @ JULIET. KHLOE KARDASHIAN LAMAR ODOM (LAKERS) RICHARD JEFFERSON (SPURS) KEVIN DURANT (OKLAHOMA THUNDERS) DERRICK ROSE (BULLS) BRIAN WESTBROOK (49ERS). The list goes on. No Dwayne Wade no Lebron James (PS people were BOO-ing him when he was out @ clubs in the city which I cannot name or else I will be banned due to their privacy policies). THETROYREPORT.COM

The US Open is coming up and the EMM group is hosting a huge event this coming FRIDAY and guess who will be there? 90% of all the US OPEN tennis players because they are ON CONTRACT obliged to be there, dont you just hate those pieces of paper you sign and dont read the fine print? YUPPPPPP thats right players you have to go clubbing before you sleep for your games :) HEINEKEN (one of the sponsors for the tournament) got them good! But I will be hosting @ this private party so people who want to come contact me now so I can put your name on the list. DO NOT contact me if you think your getting in badly dressed. DO IT. NIKE time. THETROYREPORT.COM

I was @ a club on 17 street and 10th avenue on WEDNESDAY and guess who I saw? A short man who we all believe to be GAY but apparently he has a girlfriend/wife? PRINCE, the singer. Came in with some girls not that attractive but save one of them. In glittery clothing like MJackson. Strange but talented guy. As always when a celeb who is a music artist is inside a nightclub the DJ is basically encouraged/expected to play their songs so this is what happened. ROBIN THICKE was also there. THETROYREPORT.COM

Thursday night @ Buddakkan it was DEMI LOVATO'S birthday dinner. Thursday one of the JONAS BROTHERS was expected @ HUDSON TERRACE but he didnt show, he was @ Buddakan though for DEMI. Last night CUBA GOODING JR was seen having dinner @ Abe and Arthurs. THETROYREPORT.COM

Jared Jeffries (KNICKS) had dinner Aug 14th @ Abe and Arthurs
Mike Strahan (GIANTS) @ Brother Jimmys Aug 17th (TUES)
Michael Jordan (BULLS) was chilling with JAYZ @ a club on 17 st 10th ave on Aug 15th
A reality show was being filmed @ the Italian Restaurant CIPRIANNI'S (soho) on Aug 18th
Best Regards,
Troy Gordon
C: 6462515017


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