Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Model Spotlight :: New Face Heiko Mittelhäusser by Stephan Schramm

Germany, Germany, Germany- WE are falling inlove with Germany again, as we are being courted by German based fashion photographer Stephan Schramm as he spotlights New Face Heiko Mittelhäusser. Now I must confess, when  I  first saw this post I was speechless at how intensely breathtaking this shot was. Every detail- the composition, the textures, the grooming, the photography and of course ... the model. An immediate, rushed-email was sent Stephan telling him we couldn't wait and desired his work now and well, Stephan being the awesome person that he is responded in the same breath.

Thank you Stephan :-)

Monday, 9 August 2010

Model Spotlight :: New Face Jay Byars by Rick Day

What a wonderful start to this week we are having with an abundance of Hot. Today we spotlight New Face (and what an amazing face) the stunning Jay Byars, shot by none other than by the illusive Rick Day.

Troy Gordon :: NYC Gossip- Hundson Terrace, Tenjune "DEV" performance

Thursday night JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE was expected to be @ Hudson Terrace but he was a no show. Derek Jeter had an event that night and he was also expected to "stop by." WILL I AM I believe was the only "show" . He did a performance and was DJ-ing for some of the night. Nole Marin (America's Next Top Model Judge) actually came to my lame table due to their being so many spenders and celebrities I was placed on the lower level. I had to leave. Many tall gorgeous models were there and a lot of "social scene nightlife" people were there.

Wednesday LADY GAGA was supposed to be @ Tenjune but I heard rumors it was simply an album release party.

In NY it sometimes really is difficult to know when a celebrity will actually appear due to the numerous sources saying different things. Promoters sending out mass texts and emails (ironic coming from me I know:), tweets, facebook status updates, but who should you believe? Honestly I don't know because there are times even publicists tell me when a celeb is showing and it doesn't happen. And on that note Rihanna is in NY this week. Lets see what happens :) I'm not naming anything yet. 

Thursday @ Tenjune a new artist called "DEV" did a performance of her song "Like a G6" it was amazing (Music Group FAR EAST ENTERTAINMENT is featured on the track). The song was literally downloaded onto my IPOD as soon as I got home @ 415am.

Random trivia a friend of mine was in las vegas hosting a table and @ the table right next to him low and behold was PARIS HILTON is a snap shot for you of her

I am quite excited for the new nightclubs soon to be opened in NYC. The 1Oak team will be opening their new space on 14 street and 8th avenue. The Strategic Group will be opening up a new LAVO uptown near TAO I have been told-quite excited for this especially because anything Noah lays his hands on is a success. Can you see a new nightclub district brewing uptown UPPER EAST SIDE? YES LAVO will be it guys.

Best Regards,
Troy Gordon
C: 6462515017


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