Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Photography Spotlight :: Heat Waves by Joe TickNow featuring Shawn Stingel

As promised, here is the third installment of the hot Summer Trilogy by photographer Joe TickNow, featuring our beloved Shawn Stingel. Since the two decided to work together, they have both been making phenomenal  headway within the blogging community, social networks and external awareness.
This explosive series began with temperatures rising at 99 Degrees featuring Shawn Stingel, then climaxed with Summer Shot 2010 featuring fitness-model Joe Smirh, then an impromptu cool-down edit titled  Summer Breeze, and finally restoration in 'Heat Waves' with our very own Shawn.
What actually impresses me the most about Shawn (not just his looks), but his awesome level of professionalism. Whiles doing a read-through on his site Hewolf, I was elated when I discovered that Shawn never surfed nor had a surfboard as a prop before in any shoot, YET he took it upon himself to do his homework to get into "character" or as he says... "so I wouldn't look silly with a giant surfboard in my hand or wetsuit hanging on me.  This was an aspect of modeling I began taking seriously, much like how an actor must embody a character he/she has to portray"...- Shawn Stingel.

The awe that is Shawn and Joe... thank you for sharing guys :)

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Fashion Spotlight :: Eniko Mihalik by Miguel Reveriego in Sortilége

Top model and 'Lady of Sensuality' Eniko Mihalik  is featured in a steamy summer-edit titled Sortilége, which shot by fashion photographer Miguel Reveriego and styled by Capucine Safyurtlu.

Fashion Spotlight :: Janice Fronimakis by Mert & Marcus for Giorgio Armani Fall 2010 Campaign

Duo-fashion photographers Mert & Marcus who's work and style is heavily influenced and shaped by the use of digital manipulation which they have pioneered, have struck again. This time their unique styling was used for the latest campaign from Giorgio Armani featuring one of this season's stronger faces, model Janice Fronimakis who brought a defined level of male beauty and decadence to the table.  


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