Friday, 23 July 2010

Model Spotlight :: Shawn Stingel by Y.M.I.J. in Pin-Up

Ok, so it's now official... we love model Shawn Stingel. After his debut on ISLAND in the edit 99 Degrees, Shawn has been nailing all off his shoots one after the other, which perpetuates the theory that one can be 5'9 and absolute. Here in his latest release by photographer Y.M.I.J in an edit themed "Pin-up" which is his second shoot since the 'Rehab' series. But as you see each shoot Shawn delivers and brings something new to the table.  For the full spread view on Shawn's blog-site Hewolf--- also a good time to catch up on more of his works so that you too can see the awe that is Shawn :)

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Photography Spotlight :: Summer Breeze by Joe TickNow

So I saw like two images of this layout hidden within the 'secret places' of photographer Joe TickNow's private storage and pleaded for more. But when I saw the others, lol they were as rejuvenating as a quiet, midday wind on hot, sticky day. Skylarking through the tress, gliding over the face of the streets, around the cars and brushing up against your skin, encompassing you; cooling you down if even for a few moments. That was the effect Joe's images left on me... so much that when searching for a title for this release, Shawn Stingel's most humble thoughts were an exact reflection of my expression, thus 'Summer Breeze' was birthed!
This breezy series was shot under a bridge, the first thing in the morning and the steamier stuff were taken later within the day. The featured models are London J, Shawn Stingel, Joe Smirh and Thomas Kylberg. 

Monday, 19 July 2010

Photography Spotlight :: Alter Ego by Michael McCloud

Talent Michael McCloud happily shares with us his latest material from a shoot he themed "Alter Ego". The layout which was shot in Shanghai, China featured models Brice Sieffert and the amazing Cathryn Ripplebeck. As always, it's such a pleasure posting work from Michael. It's always soft, sensual and yet direct. Both models and fotog are represented by Baystar Models in China.

Photography Spotlight :: Joe TickNow featuring Joe Smirh for SUMMER SHOT 2010

Today ISLAND unveils the second installment from photographer Joe TickNow'SUMMER SHOT 2010 series featuring stunning fitness-model Joe Smirh.

Joe Smirth was an excellent choice for the series because of his golden skin tone and fantastic physique, which according to TickNow are requisites in the symbolism of a Hot Summer look. Smirh who is a very good friend of TickNow is originally from Bangkok-Thailand and has been living in the US for the past 15years. However, he recently did a campaign with Levi's in Thailand to promote levi's 501 men search competition throughout the country.

So now we sit on edge and await the next installent from NY talent Joe TickNow


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