Thursday, 17 June 2010

Music Spotlight :: The Beginning of Lopez

Today I am most excited to spotlight family member, friend musician Lopez and he is currently working on his first solo album. And I guess if his desire for perfection takes over we can hope that within in a year or two, the album will be done. Until then, we have a lil insight on the man behind the voice.
KAI Q: Tell me your story about your music, when and how did you start?
Lopez A: My music is a long adventure Kai. Growing up with a father who listened to all types of music like: Rock, Rock&Roll, Opera, Soul and Jazz; playing the saxophone, guitar and accordion, it all finally got my attention. I started to experience with singing in a young age and when I entered the teen years I started experimenting with the guitar, playing the piano and writing songs in a age of 13 and been doing this until today. As the years went I tried to find out what kinda genre my writing, my vocal and my own music belongs. The genres that really really got my attenting was soul & R&B and Hip Hop. So it kinda felt natural for me to kinda fall in that direction. I moved away from my hometown, got some new friends who worked with Hip Hop and R&B. After 2 years I gave out my first EP "The beginning of Lopez" and 1 year after that I gave out a single that was on air for 5 months back in my hometown. I developed more and more and today I'm an owner of a Production and Songwriting company that`s called Melogic Music and havent focused that much on my own music but working on producing and writing for other artists..
KAI Q: If you could change one thing in you, what would it be?
Lopez A: Wow if I could change one thing about myself...I guess it would be the insecurity I have about my own music. I often question my own music, cause I got this "soundpicture" of what my album would sound like. I probably got over 50 songs that I have recorded for my album but every time I sit down and listen to them I feel they wont be hot enough for the music market out there.
KAI Q: What is the most surprising thing you have learnt about, in the music industry?
Lopez A: Hmm, the most surprising thing I have learnt is that a lot of things that happen in the music industry is coincidences. What artist u bump into, what manager u might meet when your out drinking with some other artist, and even producers. Most of my, if i can call it "success" is that it`s all been coincidences.... and off course there has to be a certain amount of talent but, I see much of it as many coincidences fallin into pieces.
KAI Q: If you had a superpower, what would it be?
Lopez A: Wow superpowers huh? hehe I guess I wish I could fly, and that I was strong :)

Images courtesy of Magnus Halvorsen Wathne

Photography Spotlight :: The Introduction of David Arnot

Today ISLAND introduces our latest Memory Keeper David Arnot. This self-taught Texas born, New York based photographer seeks simplicity in the intricate beauty of the human form. When asked why he chose the discipline of photography, he said "I wanted to escape from the world, this construct... to be free if only for a few moments and within those moments to make people happy and when this is accomplished my art lives.
Here he shares with us a pair of the latest faces on the scene the amazing Tyler Wiegele and Tim Bryan

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Photography Spotlight :: Erin Cummings and Kyle Ledeboer by Tony Duran

Master photographer Tony Duran shares his latest edit featuring actress Erin Cummings and model Kyle Ledeboer in an amazing layout in skin, dirt, and lust

Fashion Spotlight :: Jakob Wiechmann by Horst Diekgerdes for GQ Style

I recently came across this layout and thought how brilliantly clean it was. Absolutely falling in love with the expression caught in the first image and of course being an equestrian, there was no doubt that I was gona repost it. The edit was in the December '09 issue of GQ Style featuring model Jakob Wiechmann, as he was photographed by Horst Diekgerdes and styled by David Bradshaw

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Model Spotlight :: Kadeem Khan by Cecil Evans in The Art of Profiling

I am in love with the works of Trini-based photographer Cecil Evans. Though his releases are few, his work speaks volumes. This young talent's technique lies not only in just taking great photos, but coveting the art of portraiture in natural light [Nkosi Myers]Today Cecil releases his latest collaboration with New Face and talent Kadeem Khan in an layout called 'The Art of Profiling' and here we spotlight some of his images but are rest are found at Cecil Evans Photography.

Follow link for the rest of the spread :: Cecil Evans Photography 

Model Spotlight :: Romeo Devlin by Simon Le

From the photographer that introduced us to the Eight Wonder of Australia and current Mr. Australia,  one of ISAND's most favored Memory Keeper from 'down under' Simon Le, shares with us  another glorious man, Romeo Devlin


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