Friday, 21 May 2010

Fashion Spotlight :: Nicolas Ripoll by Laurent Humbert for 160g Magazine

Fashion and lifestyle mag. 160g Magazine releases the for their current issue the cover and edit, the works of photographer Laurent Humbert, featuring upcoming Argentinean model Nicolas Ripoll. Styling done by Fashion Director Rene Gloor. 

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Fashion Spotlight :: Tommy Hilfiger Spring Summer 2010 ad campaign

S/S 2010 Ad Campaign by Tommy Hilfiger

Seeing how Tommy Hilfiger targets his costumers by lifestyle while focusing on trends is very appealing. Favorite campaign photos for spring!

You may remember the new global advertising direction “American Stories“, a unique tribute to the United States of America by luxury brand Tommy Hilfiger. After California for their Spring/Summer 2009 ad campaign, Washington, here’s an ode to sunny and beautiful Miami.
The new Tommy Hilfiger Spring/Summer 2010 ad campaign shot in Miami Beach features all-American casual and sports clothes but also a retro chic look very summery. We like to think these photos transport us to the energy of the seventies where everything was fun and no drama. I believe the job is well done!
The pictures were taken by fashion and celebrity photographer Ellen Von Unwerth who worked her magic to deliver a summery look for this campaign: hence the beach, the color, the lounge chairs etc…The models include Anna Jagodzinska, Jamie Strachan and Noah Mills, the new Sex and The City boy.
We hope you like the new Tommy Hilfiger Spring/Summer 2010 line.
Pictures courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger for Spring Summer 2010 ad campaign in Miami Beach


Model Spotlight :: Alex Mieles by Richard Gerst

The prodigal son returns- New York based model and man of the arts Alex Mieles returns not only to ISLAND (where we welcomed him with more than open arms and cheap words :-)), but to the scene where he poses for photographer Richard Gerst  for his book "Defensio". 

ISLAND Spotlight :: Philip Paratore shares Himself with ISLAND

Today ISLAND introduces a new family member and memory keeper, Philip Paratore as he not only shares himself with us, but some of work.
Born in Australia to Italian Parents, Philip Paratore has been a freelance photographer for 19 years. His motive is driven by a principle intricacy he discovered through his heritage, where he sees the marriage of these two distinct cultures as a background to his work. The romanticism of Italian culture amalgamated with the space and earth elements of Australian life.
"I describe my work as a constant study of the human aesthetic. I've always been commissioned to photograph people and products, but landscapes have always served as a prop or context for my images... the subject remain always a human content. So because of my style, the nature of my work has enjoyed a great volume of beauty and fashion assignments." - Philp P. The results of which led to my being Nationally awarded Australian Hair Fashion Photographer of the year 1995.

"I enjoy visiting new places in the world from which to source talent and locations. See most great cities acquire their own unique history, in addition they inspire my visual imaginings. In the Fall of 2010 I am moving to New York, one of my favorite cities in the world and I invite all the opportunities my journey will bring.
Music is also a great source of inspiration for me, it's a soundtrack to life and most definitely an essential ingredient in all I do. I have had the great pleasure of photographing many musicians in their element on stage and off, which is incredibly gratifying for me, to combine my two greatest passions in life Sound & Vision."

Gene Simmons
Pete Burns
When Philip left high school he wanted to make music videos, so he enrolled in a Film & Television course at a College, taking on Photography as a minor study. During the 5 years of studies, he found himself gravitating towards the medium of photography more and more and was even being booked for shoots while he was still a student. So it wasn't long before he accepted the mantle and became a fully fledged Memory Keeper. Though his passion for the Sound & Vision remained strong, all these years later he has finally honored his early ambitions of making music videos by doing just that.
"Over the last 3 years I have embraced the medium and have enjoyed completing many expressive assignments in the process." -Philp P.

Model Spotlight :: Salieu Jalloh For Sports & Street Magazine – 2010

Model Salieu Jalloh is one of the most sort after Male Models and in the Fashion industry. In these photographs we can clearly see how well Model Salieu
represents his New York Agency RED Models Management.

Photography By: John Paul Tran

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

ISLAND Spotlight :: Libertine Mag NEEDS your Vote

Hey ISLAND readers, I am Filip one of the authors to this site and I have a need that great greatly requires your attention. There is fresh, printed mag called Libertine Magazine which was started by some very fashion-forward-thinking, young Fashionistas, who agenda it is to create a catalyst for emerging talent be it photogs, stylists, models, artists within our generation (under 25).

So the Fab-squad at Libertine Mag. have entered this competition that is being held by Barclays, to which the grand prize is £50,000. If they win this, all the prize money will go straight into the magazine and this is where you guys come in. You don't have to sign up to anything, you just click the link, type in the captcha numbers to the top right of the page (as shown in the image below) and that's your vote!

So we at ISLAND are really asking for your support and votes to aid in this venture, so that the Libertine Mag. can continue helping other amazing, young talents like yourself. I promise it will only take a few seconds of your time and it will be a few seconds well invested :) vote HERE

Thanks so much in advance guys, and to Libertine Mag. wish you all the success!

Filip J. 

Monday, 17 May 2010

Fashion Spotlight :: Sasha Marini by Roger Nicotera for LAB Magazine

Photographer Roger Nicotera releases yet another controversial, yet breath taking edit featuring of course the amazing Sasha Marini. The edit is for a french mag called Lab Magazine and was themed “Rape” . We greatly anticipate more works from this fantastic duo.


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