Friday, 14 May 2010

ISLAND Spotlight :: Model & Photographer Michael McCloud

Today ISLAND is ecstatic to introduce a model with a vision and a new Memory Keeper, Michael McCloud. (Images of michael shot by photographers Joesph Bleu & Thomas Synnamon)
Especially after doing that fantastic layout on model Danny Perez, we had to meet with model behind the lens... literally. Michael came into the industry primordially as a model (and still is) who felt like he had a different perspective to share and it would be genuine,  since it's coming from the perspective of a model who's always at the other end of the lens. It's his intention to give every image a sense of sensuality since he shoots the way he'd model.
"I want my viewers to gazed into every image I take and to give a perception of a fantasy but still something they could grab a hold onto. Honestly I did not move to NY to become a photographer, I always knew I had way too many talents to be doing what I was. I lived in Hawaii and did the whole college basketball thing which, don't get me wrong was a amazing, but I felt so limited from everything. I want to take over this world rightfully speaking and I believe there is no such thing as limitations. We all have the power to move mountains and make change, just many have no idea how to tap into this certain power. That is my goal in life, to tap into this hidden gift we are born with and embrace this industry with all my artistic abilities. Its 2010, no one just models anymore you have to bring something different to the table daily." - Michael

Quote of the Week: "Its 2010, no one just models anymore, you have to bring something different to the table daily- Michael McCloud

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Model Spotlight :: Daniel Perez by Michael McCloud in Timeless

What makes me crave more and more of model Daniel Perez, is subtle-obvious that he understands the art-form of sensuality. In his Q&A, Danny took us to his mental groove where he just unwound and in that scripted moment he evanesced sensuality. Then we see the same pattern with him in the layout with photographer Ronald N. Tan in a series titled "Personal Project" who's intent was to explore the male body through a photographic realm of sexy and edgy images, while analyzing themes of sexuality and class. 
Now it seems, he's done it again. This time with upcoming, New York based fashion photographer Michael McCloud in an edit titled Timeless. Here both photographer and model meet and a soft innocence is birthed. *Fantastic job guys, fantastic!
Danny is represented by Estilo Mgt. NYC and for more on Michael follow to Michael McCloud

Sunday, 9 May 2010

ISLAND Spotlight :: Madonna by Mert & Marcus for Interview Mag

Madonna takes over the May 2010 issue of Interview mag. with two striking covers and an amazing shoot by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott. The Queen was styled by Karl Templer and art directed by Fabien Baron
Click here for the making of video -- Madonna for Interview


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