Saturday, 1 May 2010

Photography Spotlight :: Kosmas Pavlos for Fantasticmag

Photographer Kosmas Pavlos shares his new edit for online-fashion mag., Fantasticmag featuring upcoming model Mario Loncarski. The spread is themed LOOKER-For the stalker in you.
Click here for full editorial :: Fantastimag- Looker

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

ISLAND Spotlight :: Weekend of the 23rd-24th April with Mez

Wednesday I was guest bartending @ 1834NYC, follow em, they have some great burgers. Its a sports bar in the financial district, good food, easy on the wallet. It's Wednesday night theme is "America's Next Top Bartender" you think you got what it takes?
Friday I was out of it, so not much to tell you there, although I did hear that Amnesia is quite a hot place to be on a Friday, You may well see me there very soon.

Saturday was the Fortra DVD launch party, of the photos that are actually PG rated that I can show you are attached but wow, I have to say this. I've always thought of the whole 'sex party' swinger thing in one mindset. That the people there are immoral etc. This party completely changed my perception. Most of them are just like you and I. Normal functioning adults, the only difference is, they are very open about their sexuality, its a beautiful thing really. To see people embracing life and love like that.

This Friday I'm hosting 'Study Buddy Fridays' @ Johnny Utah's Exams are upon us college/university students. Everybody needs a little mental break, so come check me out in ur glasses and suspenders and lets get buckwild before we go back to studying!
Quote of the weekend: "Well you might as well get a shirt that says "I've got a huge dick""

p: 917-545-4861
t: /follow @MezekerTT
fb:Mez Blaq

ISLAND Spotlight :: Laura Ferreira prepares for her Exhibition at Amour et Café

Twenty-five photographer/ Graphic Artist Laura Ferreira thinks it's about time to mesmerise the public with her new works and so do we. The last post on Laura we covered her  doing  the editorial on Trinidadian based designer Meiling. This time, Laura's objective is too take us a bit further down into the rabbit hole. 
Her exhibition will be held at Amour et CaféOpening night is Saturday May 1st at 7pm and it runs all month. For more info about location and purchasing of images,  visit the Facebook Invite

ISLAND Spotlight :: François Sagat by Ross Watson

I think it's amazing that lately I've been seeing actor/model François Sagat, in a lot of publications... High-five François! This time its Australian painter Ross Watson who in his latest showing off his work, features a painting of French porn star Francois Sagat, who on the last World AIDS Day worked with the French Health Department on a series of HIV prevention videos.
"I was motivated by the Vatican's position on homosexuality, and its ban on condom use, to create a painting which references Caravaggio's 'Crucifiction of St Peter'. Francois Sagat continues to play a valuable role in the area of HIV/AIDS prevention and education. I wanted to acknowledge that in the painting, whilst tying it to the Vatican. In contrast, the Vatican uses its status in the UN General Assembly to obstruct the promotion of condoms as protection against HIV/AIDS, and sexuality education in school curricular. Some will regard the painting as provocative, but I don't believe it is in contrast to the Vatican's position on these issues. The Pope's 2nd in charge recently claimed homosexuality and pedophilia are linked. That enraged me. It seems just and deserving to depict Francois Sagat as a contemporary saint, given he is helping to save lives, rather than contributing to causing illness and deaths for millions. The great majority of Caravaggio's patrons were from the Catholic church, and his paintings were sometimes rejected as they were viewed as inappropriate for a religious theme. I'm reminded here of my freedom as an artist. Imagine what Caravaggio might paint if he were alive today?"

:Quoted Ross on his new work:
Source: Towlerroad

Movie Spotlight :: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Trailer Released

Finally we are able to see some feed and I guess this goes for the remaining of the population that hasn't read or planning to read the Twilight Volumes. Watch this latest The Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer which is also featured on the live chat on UStream. Witness here how Jacob’s clan and Edward’s family are about to join forces to fight an army of vampires which started to show their presence in Seattle attacking people and preparing for a certain battle.
Preview other Trailer Here or below:

Photography Spotlight :: Introducing Riccardo Vimercati

Today ISLAND introduces Milan-based photographer Riccardo Vimercati as he releases his newest spread.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Fashion Spotlight :: Emilio Tini for FHM Collections in “Den Reiz im Sinne ”

German based fashion photographer Emilio Tini unveils his latest edit for the current issue of German FHM Collections themed “Den Reiz im Sinne ” (Spurred on by the senses). The feature covers models like Nicolas RipollMichael J WittakerVladimir Rotar,William EustaceAlexander LaibleTomek SzczukieckiNick Hinman, Aiden AndrewsCharlie FranceTim Rüger and Ryan Taylor. Styled by Juergen Zipf and groomed by Enrico Mariotti.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Model Spotlight :: Wally Couto by Dirk Alexander

Belgium based Photographer Dirk Alexander, shares his new edit of New Face Wally Couto

Model Spotlight :: Mikhell Allen by Kerron Riley

Photographer Kerron Riley shares with us images of new face Mikhell Allen, an upcoming Trinidadian based model.
Outfits provided by Peter Elias and styled by fashion photographer Calvin French


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