Saturday, 24 April 2010

Fashion Spotlight :: Hana Soukupova by David Roemer for Marie Claire

OK... so there is just NOWAY one can see a spread like this and not melt. This edit themed Hot & Heavy for the April 2010 Marie Claire issuse features the forever stunning Hana Soukupova. The spread was shot by fashion photographer David Roemer of Atelier Management.

Hair was done by Andre Gunn and Makeup by Hung Vanngo 

Photography Spotlight :: Lily Donaldson by Steven Klein in Erotica

Noted fashion photographer Steven Klein shares with us his latest editorial for May 2010 issue of French Vogue themed, 'Erotica'. The spread is tribute to the late Alexander McQueen by both Steven Klien and visionary stylist Carine Roitfeld and it reflects the influence of its inspiration from both McQueen and Madonna.

The edit features top model Lily Donaldson as she with grace and fierncess wears a few of Alexander's most iconic pieces. Hair by Paul Hanlon and makeup by Stephane Marais.

Photography Spotlight :: Q & A con El Conquistador JP Santamaria

Today ISLAND is most excited to do a Q & A on a the Spanish-based photographer JP Santamaria, who is on his quest to conquer and fulfill all his dreamsJp who is at the moment very busy working on his next editorial series, still had a moment to share with us his resting time, his superpower and a secret.
KAI Q : What is the best thing about being a photographer?
JP. A : The best thing is you can dream while you're working and the other is when work is finished. You look and say: 'how cool... is it really mine?' Cause you have just brought the dream into reality.
KAI Q : What is the most sensible thing you've done recently?
JP. A: I am tryng to learn to say NO when i have to say it :-)
KAI Q : If you can persuade God to make a rule to change the world, what would it be and why?
JP. A : Give everybody enough money to be happy and follow their dreams.
KAI Q : If you had a superpower, what would it be?
JP. A : I always wanted the ability to move things with my mind, but I think it would be more useful too me to be super fast or have teletrasport powers (cause I'm always late) lol.
KAI Q : When not shooting, what do you do to relax?
JP. A : I am most of the time on the computer designing, retouch photos or simply talking to friends.... the facebook is the best for removing the stress. In summer one mojito, partyng at the beach with friends and hot guys around helps a lot too! :-)
KAI Q : Lastly, tell us a secret...
JP. A : Never give up on your dream, stop, think and believe that everything is possible, even when it seems impossible.

Thank you Jp for your time and you guys can join his Facebook-Fan Page to get updates on new assignments from Jp at : JP SANTAMARIA PHOTO & DESIGN STUDIO

Friday, 23 April 2010

Model Spotlight :: GISELE BUNDCHEN for Vogue Korea May 2010

Top model Gisele Bundchen rocks in the new issue of Vogue Korea“Call Of Duty” is the name of the spread photographed by Nino Muñoz and styled by Katie Mossman.



Wednesday, 21 April 2010

ISLAND Spotlight :: Weekend of the 16th-17th April with Mez

Humm diddly dum Lets see, this weekend where to begin... Let's start with the beginning of all true weekends. Thursday night, went for dinner @ Max Brenner's off Union Square, I seriously love the meaty cheesy pizza there, VERY flavorful yet still light. Took it on over to Three Ring Thursdays @ Carnival Bowlmor
To be honest, carnival has a very unique allure, its part club, part lounge, part freakshow, part pool hall, part awesome. However the sum of these parts is not greater than the whole it is a great place to go chill, but it ends up being a jack of all trades.
Friday Night, @ Johnny Utah's, gotta admit I like the new door policy, There is a $20 entrance fee for guys, turns out we were bringing in too many hot girls and there would be like a herd of guys coming in trying to breed.. so we had to weed out the riff raff. Hosted another birthday party and people are always amazed at how much fun they can have for absolutely free. The only payment I need is a happy customer, cause if they like how I treated them, they'll tell their friends, thats just good business. Other than that, everyone had a blast, DJ Hatter played a great mix and of course that new bull was being put thru the paces! Gotta give props to @ Michael Gonzalez and @ Barret Blaq, all of us together had @ least 100 ladies in that place, it was SICK!
Saturday Night was off to Boston to meet up with a crew from the Caribbean, had a blast @ Harvard. Fox house WHADUP!

Rant of the weekend: Being a 'event manager' as I like to think of myself, cause i'm much more than just some sleaze bag who just wants girls to come party with him, is tough enough. A lot of girls have confidence issues with having a boyfriend thats a promoter cause he's always surrounded by beautifull women. While there are promoters who do play the field by mixing business with pleasure, any GOOD promoter will tell you it's a horrible idea. Guys, don't get with a chick if u know u cant stay faithfull. Ladies, i firmly believe this statement about cheating. "If you look for something hard enough, you will find it, regardless of if its there or not"

Quote of the weekend: "nothing says I like 7 year old girls more than THAT face."

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fb:Mez Blaq

Monday, 19 April 2010

Photography Spotlight :: Johnny Lopera for Paula Della Rosa 2010 collection

Colombian-based photographer Johnny Lopera shares with ISLAND these few images, from the latest campaign he worked on for Colombian designer Paula Della Rosa ETE-2010 collection. Model Tania Zuluaga is the beauty that is featured in this campaign the make by Mauricio Rios.


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