Saturday, 17 April 2010

ISLAND Spotlight :: Hercules in Rio by Giampaolo Sgura

Photographer Giampaolo Sgura releases the behind-the-scenes video from his latest editorial for the 8th issue of Hercules magazine themed 'Que Bueno, Que Rico, Que Lindo' . The edit featured upcoming models Rômulo Arantes Neto and Rody Cezar.
Enjoy the video below ... (see here)


Model Spotlight :: The Vision that is Bruna Tenório

It's been a while since last I saw a girl as stunning Bruna Tenório.  Her latest edit is featured in the May issue of Amica magazine and styled by Paolo Turina.

Images supplied Ishi.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

ISLAND Spotlight :: Exclusive-Preview of THE STORY with François Sagat

Renowned Photographer Franck Glénisson, is yet again about to take us on another mind-blowing fantasy-high, through his new concept titled THE STORY. Franck who has worked for some of the most prestigious fashion magazines in Paris, New-York and London and even more so in his very personal “stories”, has the innate ability to make one feel the influence of a cinema inspired theme, by devouring feelings. It's a proud, compact and soulful human resistance which is an obstinacy to defend the individual. He is bringing that and so much more in this New Series and of course to tie it all in he features the Titian himself François Sagat.

Cover and photo spread for Zero Magazine Spain supplied by Alvaro Villarrubia

To be released in a few more weeks

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Fashion Spotlight :: Meiling 2010SS Collection caught by Laura Ferreira

Say hello to  Laura Ferreira, a young Trinidad-based photographer that recently caught my attention through her progressive style of photography. Laura's use of explosive color under the discipline of graphic artistry, has propelled and distinctively separated her from other photographers on the island. She's a self taught graphic artist and painter who specializes in surrealism, fashion and portraiture.
I was lead to this enchanting editorial, as I am lead by many things.... intrigue. It comes from another Trinidad-based artist, Fashion Desinger and icon  Meiling. The feature briefly covers a few images from Meiling's spring/summer 2010 collection and exposes the beauty that is Ashley Fifi. The make up was done by Emily Quesnel and was shot at the Paprika Restaurant.
We see a great future for Laura and we will keep you posted on all new post from her. In fact, we are gona have a sit down Q & A with her soon, so be on your guard! :)

Fashion Spotlight :: Von Dutch features Parker Hurley with Tony Duran for their 2010ss Campaign

Von Dutch is making a comeback after a period of being on the down low, by using top model Parker Hurley for their 2010 Spring-Summer campaign. The campaign was photographed by the amazing Tony Duran and styled by Ton Aguilar.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

ISLAND Spotlight :: Weekend of the 9th-10th April with Mez

Friday was a little frustrating, lemme just say that. Instead of the regular Pop Burger then Johnny Utah's, I headed over to BlackFinn, which has a $20 Open bar from 10-1 apparently. Decent music, Average place, lots of drunk Italians. Headed over to Johnny Utah's, place wuz packed with beautiful ladies. That's what happens when you have some of the best young promoters @ your place. We had three tables filled with gorgeous ladies and a few hunky guys for the ladies.
 That night something was in the air cause a HELL of a lot of clothes were coming off of bodies male and female. I'll not bore you with the regular rigmarole bottles, shots etc. I gotta say, if you're a big guy and In the bar, you've got it hard enough trying to talk to ladies... but PLEASE guys, I had to have two guys thrown out cause they just turn into stupid grope monsters.
If you want to approach any of the girls I'm with, do so with class. Remember slow n steady wins the race right? Not Fast n Furious. Notable mention, Kat the producer of ForTra training DVD was there, she's super fun, I will be in attendance to her DVD Launch party on the 24th and I SUGGEST YOU DO TO! Gorgeous ladies, and lots of sexy surprises that I'm not allowed to talk about here. She's providing a very different approach to muscle tone and weight loss. I know that in this world of promoting, while we're all friends at the surface, its still dog eat dog and well I guess my dog got eaten.
Saturday's moment of 'zen' if it were. I felt like doing some thinking, so after Johnny Utah's, I took a walk. A walk, from 51st and 5th Ave to 14th St. Yeah so it was a bit longer than most people would expect but I've got to say, the city is really interesting at 4am on a Saturday morning. There is something beautiful about the way the plastic bags and papers swirl around. Needless to say my legs are dead after that :-) But it was well worth it. Not a bad walk, even less bad if I had company.

Quote of the Weekend: "Dude.. as SOON as I'm single, I'm coming out with you guys!"(After he saw the three tables full of hotties)
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Monday, 12 April 2010

Photography Spotlight :: Introducing 'Personal Project' by Photographer Ronald N. Tan

Another master at capturing the accurate expression of the male physic and officially declaring his throne on the ISLAND blog, is memory keeper, Ronald N. Tan.

My entire day went into sunshine mode after I got up, prayed, did the routine of breakfast, checked the blog for updates, accepted a few more friends on my Facebook account, did a post on Daniel Perez (which I TOTALLY enjoyed writing), went to my gmail and got a message from Ronald concerning his latest series of work to which I WAS FLAWED by. The series is titled "Personal Project" and its intent was to explore the male body through a photographic realm of sexy and edgy images, while analyzing themes of sexuality and class.
Ronald's academic background and conservative Burmese upbringing was one of the reasons Personal Project was conceived, in which he captured the defiance towards the sexually repressed Burmese culture. 
[Warning: video contains artistic nudity]

ISLAND Spotlight :: The MidNite Affair and Ryan Khan

Today on ISLAND we have a conversation in the park, with Trinidad-based, Film Director Ryan Khan as we desire to know more of the man behind the scene.
KAI Q: How did you get into film?
Ryan A: I tried out like several different jobs before getting into film. When I turned 20 I moved to Diego Martin, everyday going and coming from work I use to pass this building on the old Diego Martin main road that was oddly named 'A Big Fish in a Blue Bottle Ltd.'...I think I was selling computers at the time...or was I a waiter at T.G.I.Friday's? Can't remember...anyway, I thought to myself 'What the hell do they do?' So I checked it out one day and discovered they were a video production house. I asked if I could intern and the rest is history as they say.
KAI Q: What was the first film you worked on?
Ryan A: 'Jobelle and America' by Asha & Walt Lovelace. I was a technical assistant and it was Blue Bottle's last production before they closed down which was a sad day.
KAI Q: What has been the highlight of your career?
Ryan A: I'd have to say making 'The MidNite Affair'. I've achieved a level quality I've never done before in previous productions and this was mainly because I had the opportunity to work with the best cast & crew I've ever worked with in the 8 years of my career. I mean I've worked with great people through out the years but not all together in one production like this...Across the board, from my top of the line crew, such as Darisha Beresford the Producer, Reginald Pollard the Cinematographer and my 1st AD, Princess Donelan all the way down to the Production Assistants.
KAI Q: What has been your most awkward experience on a set?
Ryan A: You mean like a funny awkward? I can't think of any right now...and I can't say I've had any like bad awkward moments on my sets...or anyone else's. They've had times where things weren't running to smoothly but that is part of film making. In fact, I'd go as far as to say your not making a film properly if things DON'T go wrong. I don't put energy into remembering the bad times...I just move on. 
KAI Q: If you have one, who are your dream cast?
Ryan A: I don't have a dream cast. I guess I like to keep myself open to finding the right actor to play a role...not just the most popular or in demand. If had to call a name, I would like to work with Shia Labeouf. I met him when he came to Trinidad awhile back. He's a really cool guy, I like his on screen presence and the roles he plays...the unlikely hero/underdog type...those are the type of stories I'm drawn to telling.
KAI Q: What next should the industry expect from you?
Ryan A: I do have lots of ideas for other films and there are one or two stories I'd like to produce sooner than later but things are so volatile in the film industry that I don't like to fixate on the next I can't mention anything specifically. I'm just going to keep working hard at doing what I love...things usually fall into place with that mind set. I do have plans to work on other productions besides my own in the near future because film making isn't a solo scene so I'd like to reciprocate all the love and support I've had for my own productions by supporting other local film makers both experienced and up and coming ones.

Photographs courtesy Kerron Riley

Model Spotlight :: Q & A with The Awesome Daniel Perez

As promised in an earlier post, to follow up on all things current on the awesome Daniel Perez, he now sits with ISLAND for a little one on one as we become more intimate with us. This time the memory keeper that captures the awe that is Daniel, is an artist who understands the geometric beauty of light and how to subtly apply it, Ronald N. Tan.
ISLAND Q: Who is the first photographer you worked with?
Danny A: I worked with Rick Day in New York City for my first photo shoot and it was definitely a great experience because he not only produced amazing photos, but he also gave me helpful tips and advice.
ISLAND Q: Who is Daniel Perez?
Danny A: As cliche as it sounds, what you see is really what you get with me. I'm just a genuine, down-to-earth guy who loves to laugh and who enjoys friends, family, and life in general. Staying healthy and working out at Crossfit is really important to me. I graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelors in Communication in 2008 and plan to eventually attend graduate school. I love to travel, surf, cook, and I'm really into architecture, any type of creative design, and real estate. I also like to dabble on the piano and guitar. Right now, I'm motivated to model and make the best of whatever opportunities that may come my way.
ISLAND Q: What is your dream Campaign?
Danny A: My dream campaign would be with Louis Vuitton because I'm obsessed with everything French.

ISLAND Q: If you had a superpower, what would it be?
Danny A: If I had a superpower I would want to be able to teleport anywhere at any given time.
ISLAND Q: When not modeling, what do you do to relax and unwind?
Danny A: Taking naps with my English Bulldog, Brody is the best way for me to relax. He's the best snuggler.
ISLAND Q: We think you have an excellent future ahead of you in the industry. But where do u see yourself in 5 years? 
Danny A: In five years I see myself living and working as a successful real estate agent in Beverly Hills or Bel Air.


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