Saturday, 10 April 2010

Fashion Spotlight :: Greg Lotus for Vogue Italia

Renowned Fashion and Lifestyle photographer Greg Lotus,  shares with us a few images from his latest editorial layout in the April 2010ss issue of Vogue Italia. The feature displays the stunning Canadian model Alana Zimmer. Sorry, we still have no idea who was the visual stylist for the layout, but will seek it out.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Troy Gordon :: NYC G ossip- Location, Location, Location

Nightlife people are starting to greet one another in excess. In one sitting guys are in conversation and "shaking hands" like ten times giving 5"s and different new handshakes. Its annoying!!!! And when from different cultures the handshakes are different, for instance CA people do a shake and a "pound" so any cali guys in NYC are left hanging on the "pound" and NYC guys do a shake and a pulled in hug possibly with a tap on the back after or a snap of the fingers and then there is the NYC-ATL urban hand shake (see Usher+Rkelly music video "same girl" to view it) where you must after the hug shake but with your index finger extended-straight out&not wrapped into the other dudes hand. See what I mean? Reading this must have been annoying. Now imagine speaking to someone and doing that like 5 times when people can't simply say goodbye.

Like in Real Estate placement is everything with promoter seating. "Location, Location, Location." Sunday night @Juliet I had possibly the shittiest table. First on the left. However it was because FABOLOUS was there& a lot of other industry record label people were there so tables were reserved for them. FAB got on the emcee late night 3am (not to mention he arrived like 215am but the party was jammed with humans (sexy ones). TYSON BECKFORD was AS USUAL there sunday and this time he came to hang @my table :) because he liked a few of the girls. I think I can guess his taste now. Either a hot model or a woman with amazing curves in the right places :)

Jermaine Dupri was @Juliet on Wednesday also but he left after maybe a half an hour
It was very slow early on but got packed later on.

Fashion Spotlight :: MED 2010SS Collection in Greece

Launched in 1992 MED is a swimwear label from sunny beautiful Greece. Today their summer collection sure makes you wanna take a detour to Santorini. Posted by Alek & Steph - OhlalaMag

Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Eight Wonders of Australia by Simon Le

Right after the Kakadu National Park, the Sydney Harbor, the Great Barrier Reef, the Ayer's Rock, the Bungle Bungles, the Giant Eucalyptus Trees of Tasmania and the The Great Ocean Road, there is the eight wonder of Australia- Mr. Australia himself Tim Boulenger.
Sydney based Master-Photographer Simon Le shares with us a few images of this natural wonder. Timothy Boulenger was born in Australia, but grew up in Tahiti where he spent most of my time in the water. He moved back to Australia to study at the University of The Sunshine Coast where he's recently graduated from, with a degree in sports and exercise science. After entering and winning a few male beauty competitions, Timothy entered the 6th edition of the Mister World 2010 male pageant which was held at Incheon, South Korea last March. Though he didn't get the Mr. World title, Timothy still shines on as the current Mr. Australia and obviously one of their eight wonders :-) 

Tim now lives in Sydney on the beautiful Bondi Beach where he works as a surf instructor and still spends most of his time in the water and like most Aussies, he's ecstatic about surfing, fishing, basketball and anything athletic. And as a career plan, his intent is to work in sports injury rehabilitation. Timothy is represented by CR- Scouting.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Leda & St.Jacques introduces Lucas Kerr

First time to the blog, top fashion photographers Leda & St.Jacques shares with us also for the first time top model Lucas Kerr. We hope to have more work released from both the fabulous duo photographers and the undoubtedly-amazing Lucas.

Lucas is represented by Major Models NYC.

Model Spotlight :: Tyler Wiegele captured by Joseph Bleu

Photographer Joseph Bleu shares with us the beauty that is Tyler Wiegele.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Guillaume Ryan by Pablo Chester in l'homme Idéal

Artistic French-based photographer Pablo Chester, shares with ISLAND his latest vision of beauty in the form of a man called Guillaume Ryan. The feature is themed 'l'homme Idéal' and how insanely accurate it is :) 

This 'Ideal Man' Guillaume is a model, and an actor who stars in a French film titled D-Dopa, which is to be released December 15th 2010.
Follow link to D-Dopa's Officially site :: D-DOPA

Photography Spotlight :: Revisiting the Past by Michael Sutton in Masks

Featured models Kelly and Shana pose for an early exhibition themed 'Masks' by fashion photographer Michael Sutton. Styling and body painting by Mario Ceja.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Model Spotlight :: Manuel Andorfer by Jascha Pansch

Photographer Jascha Pansch shares images of new face and aspiring 22year old, German model, Manuel Andorfer.

Model Spotlight :: Digitals of Lee Kholafai by NOUS

The awesome Lee Kholafai poses nonchalantly, yet exudes natural sex-appeal from his latest submits of digitals for  his agency Nous Models

Model Spotlight :: Darron Clarke by Kerron Riley

Photographer Kerron Riley introduces one of his new faces Darron Clarke. Darron is an 18 year old model in Trinidad & Tobago and an aspiring fashion designer. He is planning to attend CAFD (Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design) but currently modeling part time to support his studies. He stands 6' at 130lbs. 


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