Saturday, 3 April 2010

Photography Spotlight :: I Wanna Be A Go-Go by JP Santamaria

Artistic Photographer JP Santamaria shares with us another one of his mesmerizing editorials where he takes us into The Deep. He teases our thoughts and instructs us to 'watch, but don't touch, touch but don't taste, taste but don't sallow... for you've now entered in the Realm of The Go-Go boys.'

The editorial entitled "I wanna be a Go-Go!" was inspired by some of the hottest Go-Go guys in Barcelona, Spain. The extended layout came from two other series. One called 'RED' and the other 'Circus'--- which was published by OH MY GOD MAGAZZINE issue nº1 (Spain). The feature is blossomed by the beautiful Go-Go models Juanjo Arnela, Raul Rosso, Antonio Toribio and Albert Lopez.. Styled by Leonardo  Rodriguez and the make up by Maryam Blanco.  

Friday, 2 April 2010

Photography Spotlight :: Introducing Mannequins by Fabio Costì

Photographer Fabio Costì eliminates the need for models holding their pose by employing four mannequins in his new menswear editorial for the April issue of Italian Men's Health. The editorial was styled by Ivo Bisignano.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

ISLAND Spotlight :: Que Bueno, Que Rico, Que Lindo by Giampaolo Sgura

Giampaolo Sgura [site, blog] contributes to the hotness of the Spring/Summer 2010 issue of Hercules with this editorial, 'Que Bueno, Que Rico, Que Lindo.'

The editorial is styled by David Vivirdio and features models Fred Laatsch, Romulo Arantes Neto, and Gracie Carvalho with makeup by Erica Monteiro.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Music Spotlight :: NOT MYSELF TONIGHT - New single from Christina Aguilera

Bionic, le nouvel album de (Super) Christina (Jamie) Aguilera sortira le 8 juin prochain. La chanteuse a dévoilé hier le premier single qui s'intitule Not Myself Tonight.

Movie Spotlight :: The MidNite Affair by Ryan Khan

Trinidad-based Film maker Ryan Khan shares a sneak peak and synopsis about his upcoming film 'The MidNite Affair' with us at ISLAND, which will soon be released for the 2010 T&T Film Festival .
So the story is, when American Ethnology & Folklore Researcher, KEVIN, comes to Trinidad with his long time Trinidadian girlfriend, JESSICA, for the death of her father, the couple try to use this opportunity in paradise to patch things up in their rocky relationship. However, SEB, Jessica's long time, good looking, Trinidadian friend becomes a wrench in that plan from the moment the couple land in T&T. The same night that the trio set out to take in the sights of the annual festival of Trinidadian culture called Jouvert, Seb steals Jessica away from Kevin, leaving him to roam around in the massive midnight carnival all by his lonesome. Kevin seeks refuge in a bar where he meets the seductive lounge singer, CHARLIE. The newly encountered friends hit it off and it seems that an affair is imminent. However, Kevin is about to discover that the stories that he read in his study books are no longer just theory, as he faces one of the most dreaded Trinidadian folklore characters, the La Diablesse.'
Cast and Crew

Model Spotlight :: Tyler Wiegele by Michael Sutton

Introducing new face and rising model for the new approaching season Tyler Wiegele. Photographed by friend and mentor, the artist, Michael Sutton who it was that discovered this talent (how forever grateful we are for Mr Sutton's keen eye for talent).
Tyler is now represented by Q Models
We are positive to see more from both Michael and Tyler

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

ISLAND Spotlight :: Weekend of the 26th- 27th with Mez

So iight, heres the run down, Friday was pretty slow all round, Pop Burger didnt truly kick off till bout 11, and I left just after FYI AMAZING FOOD @ PopBurger. Moving to Johnny Utah's again it was pretty slow. Its as if the recession existed for a moment. The party began to kick into swing by about 12. 

My crew rolled in between 12 and 1. Now this may not seem like any major accomplishment, but I got my very own 'first bottle' tonight, after bringing in quite a nice number of people :P. Any good night would not end without a bit of drama, and Utahs had plenty, between 11:45 and 12:30, the po-po had the place on lockdown. Apparently many random health inspections were occuring at this time causing most of the party to cease(Utah's wasn't in Violation of anything so it's safe to eat there!). Unfortunately kind of dampening the night. However after those po-po left, the party kicked into high gear! Breaking open the bottle, we rocked that party till late! Also had an obscene amount of shots for my boy Roy's Birthday! Hell there was even a Catfight, weave was everywhere! After Utahs me and some of my eastern european friends (I swear, few people know how to party like them) we headed to a Hookah spot right near my place. Horus (Ave B and 6th) was the name of the spot, we sat, we danced, we chilled, we chatted and we smoked.

Saturday was a chill day, headed over to Marquee to chill for a friend's birthday and to help out my boy Darrius with his table. I left early, it was way too crowded for my liking. Nothings wrong with Marquee, The music mix is as good as expected, the service there is TOP NOTCH, must admit, never had to wait for glasses or mixers to be refilled, if its one thing Marquee excels in is service. Headed just down the street to Park, where I met up with another birthday party. @ Park is deceptively massive, and quite well designed so that it's big enough to have 1 huge party or many small groups that are easily separated from the rest. Drink prices were pretty reasonable and its a free pour bar so ;) u get a GOOD drink. 

Which brings me to my latest rant I truly hate when bar's have the fixed pour method which saves THEM money, but then charge you much more for the drink, its criminal. I don't mind paying $10, hell even $12 for a Vodka OJ, but if its a weak ass shit, served in a small glass? I'm sorry I know it aint your fault bartender but fuck you! Thats obscene and frankly none of you should put up with it. Anywhere I go, it's free pour and for a reason... Damn nazi's don't they know its a recession! We need some liquid courage! 

Quote of the Weekend "You haven't lived until you've smoked a bottle of Absolut Hookah"

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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Model Spotlight :: Blossom Roopnarine by Sancho Francisco

Island bombshell Blossom Roopnarine posses for the latest editorial layout for The Scorch Mag. April 2010 issue by Fashion photographer Sancho Francisco.
There are gona be a lot more images of the Blossom, you just gotta keep looking out for the next post :)
For the full feature as well as past ones follow link ::


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