Saturday, 27 March 2010

Photography Spotlight :: Daniel Popov by Burak Ertem

Photographer Burak Ertem, shares with us a few more images from his series 'Bei Der Café,' with new face and upcoming model German Daniel Popov; WHO by the way we'd be seeing much more off soon :)

For more works by our featured photographer follow link ::

Fashion Spotlight :: Jacob Coupe by Bruno Staub

Photographer Bruno Staub very casually conjures up his art form and displays it in print, an editorial for Dazed & Confused Japan April 2010 release. The editorial features top model Jacob Coupe, and is styled by Lotta Volkova Adam in spring layers. The concept was to have the most provocative garments appear as everyday wear by a format of nonchalant fashion.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Model Spotlight :: Tomas Bohinc in Bei Der Café by Burak Ertem

German based life-photographer Burak Ertem, shares with us only a few images from his latest series called 'Bei Der Café,' (In The Cafe). The Feature highlights rising model Tomas Bohinc of New Models Gr. 
It's been a while since we saw anything from Tomas, since his last editorial with New York Fashion-photographer  Liudi Hara. We hope to be seeing more work from Tomas esp. since he's part of the ISLAND family and one of our favorite models :) 
For works of Burak Ertem, follow link ::

ISLAND Spotlight :: Model & MMA Fighter Defends Title in Jamaica

When model Dwayne Hinds is not on the ramp of a Fashion Week or on a billboard for a campaign, he's either at the Torakan Dojo practicing Krav Maga or on isle defending his title in the Ultimate Fighting Championship via MMA. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is considered by many to be the oldest sport in the world, after all hand to hand combat has been around since the beginning of time. Today, however, it’s the fastest growing sport in the world and with the emergence of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) MMA is now being televised and practiced by millions all over the world. So it was only a matter of time before this growing sensation reached the Caribbean. 
This upcoming weekend, Saturday March 27th, Dwayne Hinds of Trinidad, the current Caribbean welterweight champion sets out to defend his title. This time he faces more than just his Caribbean foe’s when he faces American, Luke Taylor. With an impressive amateur record of 9-1 and a professional record of 2-3, Taylor holds two belts of his own in the United States. But Dwayne Hinds with a 4-1 record and no loses since his first match has been on a mission of his own, winning his last four fights all by stoppage within the first three minutes. Hinds, who practices wrestling, jujitsu and boxing out of Torakan Dojo and Judo out of Queens Park Judo Club is determined to show the world that Trinidad and the Caribbean can produce quality international MMA fighters.
Many are not surprised by the tremendous and growing success of MMA. Combining most of the Traditional arts such as boxing, wrestling, muay thai, karate, sambo, jujitsu, and judo MMA is an outlet for just about any martial artist willing to compete. As for spectators and martial arts fanatics it answers the old dawning question of which martial art is truly the best. Is boxing better than wrestling? Can a karateka beat a Judoka? But like all rhetorical questions the answer to this question is determined by each individual and each individual fight which makes MMA so entertaining to watch.  Also on the card showcasing fighters from Ireland, Jamaica, and the USA was suppose to be undefeated Trinidadian, Adam De Silva (5-0). Due to a rib injury however, the former lightweight Caribbean Kickboxing Grappling Sancho Federation (CKGSF) champion will be out of the spotlight.
This weekend’s competition, held in Montego Bay, Jamaica, will be the third of it’s kind and is being called King of the Rock III. Keron Bourne with a 3-0 record will also be representing Trinidad in the featherweight division and Erland George (3-2) of Tobago will be fighting for the middle weight title against undefeated Jamaican, Chris McDonald (5-0).

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Movie Spotlight :: KELLAN LUTZ in WAR OF THE GODS

Kellan Lutz has been cast as Poseidon, lord of the sea in “War of the Gods,” He joins the already previously announced Mickey Rourke, Freida Pinto and Henry Cavill in the cast.
Loving the idea of Kellan Lutz as a god much better then a non-talking vampire. The great news is that being the god of the sea there's a major chance Kellan will always be shirtless and wet ... my only concern is that Poseidon has a big beard, right now I am not sure how Kellan Lutz would look like with a beard!? So after hours of work and digital transformations on our OhLaLa CGI program ... here is you first look at Kellan Lutz as Poseidon ;-) So do you like it or should the studios go for an smooth Poseidon?
Kellan Lutz is also featured in the upcoming horror movie A Nightmare On Elm Street to be released on April 30, 2010. Watch the trailer below.

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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

ISLAND Spotlight :: Weekend of the 19th-20th with Mez

Whoa.. so this was my longest weekend... like ever! Both nights I hosted at Johnny Utah's.
Friday Night: the newest chill-spot/pregame spot/lounge is Definitely Pop Burger. Headed there early to get my after-work grub on. Lemme tell you, a pop-burger is the closest thing you can get to 'Doubles after 51' (Trini's will know what I mean) For the rest of the world, I'm talking about hangover food, greasy, tasty, perfect sized sliders!
After that, left with my crew and brought the Pain @ Johnny Utah's! Gotta say... the best thing about that place, was the bull and unfortunately some heifer broke it... :( was most dissapointed. Either way, had some Go-Shots (from the gorgeous blonde who walks around with a tray of shots) made some friends, and all in all was not a bad night.
Saturday Night: Hosted a Birthday party, and the birthday girl had a blast, she couldn't stop thanking me for what a wonderful time she had (all for free btw) and I told her like I tell everyone, "That's just how it is when you party with me."

Quote of the Weekend (To a group of deaf people signing to each other, and in a loud voice) "Do you all read lips?"

This Friday I'm @ Pop Burger and then to Johnny Utah's for a BRAND NEW BULL!
This Saturday I'm @ HIRO!

p: 917-545-4861
t: /follow @MezekerTT
fb:Mez Blaq

Troy Gordon :: NYC Gossip - Guess how I knew?

Saturday night Marquee was ram packed. Upstairs room closed due to 400 person event. Not sure what for and didn't care to inquire. Was an amazing party and again and again I will say marquee is still fun! Haters can suck it. Went to Avenue after and Reggie Bush was there. Checked the NY Post yesterday and saw a picture of Kim Kardashian in bikini and I am hearing rumours they are on shaky ground? Who knows. He has been out all of last week. The Red Bulls Soccer Team has a new stadium (I hear) and played their first game in it Saturday evening so they decided to go VIP and party @Avenue Sat night! They climbed the social ladder quickly and got past the velvet ropes @Avenue which everyone tries so hard to do. And for those girls who are ugly and get in I'm going to stop you in your huge egotistical tracks. The only reason you probably did get in is because you went in with a rich ass guy spending 5k+ or you walked in with a promoter who brought ten models and the doorman didn't mind having one bad cookie in the good batch.
Saturday was that first summer night. Guess how I knew? NO CABS were free. Even though some were free they drove right by me due to my chocolate skin colour and the drivers chose vanilla human beings. Next time ill stick my hand up with a vanilla hershey bar and see if it helps.

Numerous people have been asking me where Ellington Keys (the best model promoter in my books) works now since he was released :) from his lovely occupation at SL due to an altercation and I finally have the answer, he works @Marquee and Juliet. Still crushing it. The man is a machine he gets the prettiest girls to go out with him every night he works and he intimidates other promoters (some of them pretend they are as good as him but they are dreaming on cloud 9). Through the grapevine I heard he literally only allows models to hangout with him @his table wherever he works and calls other human beings civilians. The man is a business man. Taking it all serious. I respect that.
One of my favourite clubs is apparently being sued today/tomorrow by a hostess friend of mine.
Kwame Lawrence (Ex Apprentice Actor), Anthony Anderson + one of the real housewives are expected to be @ my uncle Douglas Gordon's event on Thursday. His amazing magazine "Ocean Style" will be having a private event @ Veranda (doorman Sameh of Greenhouse-Monday's- is one of the owners). Here is Douglas' email to get on the guestlist. Some other celebrities are expected besides myself:)

As of now my blog ( has been dormant however within a week or so you will see something new&sexy:)


Music Spotlight :: KRASH by Kerron Riley

Lead Guitarist- Dax Cartar
Photographer Kerron Riley shares images of his latest work, as he sits with local progressive-rock band in Trinidad called Krash. Soon to be one of the most progressive bands on the rise on the island.
Rhythm Guitarist - Philip Cartar
Lead Vocal- Chris Badal
Drummer- Vincent Gabriel
Bassist - Rhys Libert
For more info on KRASH follow link to their ::

Monday, 22 March 2010

ISLAND Spotlight :: Natasha Lazareva by Eric von Lockhart

Russian print model Natasha Lazareva shares with us some images by celebrity and advertising photographer Eric von Lockhart of Studio 1 NYC Inc. Eric has on his team some of the best glamour professionals in the business for hair, makeup and fashion. And what keeps them flourishing is their networking with many top models, bookers and casting agencies.
Studio 1 NYC Inc is a state-of-the-art studio with a beauty salon, makeup area, dressing room and kitchen all in one and is based in midtown Manhattan, New York.

Makeup by Danessa Myricks and Hair by CocoaMane

For bookings with Natasha Lazareva, follow link (
And for additional information or would like to arrange a photo shoot with Eric follow link (

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Model Spotlight :: Rick Day focuses on New Face Daniel Perez

With pleasure WE at ISLAND introduce new heartthrob and up coming model Daniel Perez. A little under three months ago Daniel's leap into the industry started with his first shoot from master-male physic-photographer Rick Day, to now being signed to Estilo Model Management in New York. As off any shoot that's released from Mr. Day's camp, it emanates raw, but disciplined sensuality and sex appeal.

WE promise to seek out all updates on Daniel's climb to the next level.


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