Friday, 19 March 2010

Fashion Spotlight :: Osklen for Elle Brasil

Osklen Lady Gaga collection
View more pictures of the story photographed by Fabio Bartelt, of The Brazilian Fall Collections, for the March issue of Elle Brazil.

Photography Spotlight :: The Amazing Self-Portraits of Levi Van Veluw

In the new issue no. 3 of Tokion magazine, there's a feauter on the immensely unique and creative self-portraits of Levi van Veluw. You see, for a few years, this young Dutch artist has been creating self-portraits that transform him into the art he is creating. He is the model, the sculptor, and the photographer.


Thursday, 18 March 2010

ISLAND Spotlight :: Justin Scott by Colin Gumbs

It’s about time ISLAND had a post that is dedicated to both Justin Scott and master-photographer Colin Gumbs. WE've had OUR eyes on this striking model for a while, and when WE saw these two images on Colin's blog from a recent editorial, WE just couldn’t resist anymore.

But these two images quite frankly wont do, don't you agree? So WE emailed Mr. Gumbs and asked him if there would be another encounter and when? His reply "doh panic... much more on its way. Justin's just de tip of de iceberg".... WE eagerly await :)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Fashion Spotlight :: The Casuals by KT Auleta

The new issue of The New York Times Style Magazine features this cool editorial ‘The Casuals’ with models Chris Pulliam, Adam Trodd, Dennis Johnson, Rel Dade, Shih-Han Hsiao, and Kristina K.

The editorial was photographed by KT Auleta and styled by Bifen Xu.

Model Spotlight :: WHO IS LIKE THIS MAN... The awe that is David Gandy

Revisiting the past to a man who's mastered the guild of masculinity, balanced the scale of sensuality and gifted with the art of expression. A champion, an avatar, a true Top Model, David Gandy.

Photographed by Mario Testino for VMAN #9 Fall/Winter 2007.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

ISLAND Spotlight :: Weekend of the 12th-13th with Mez

As most of you would know, Mother Nature has been SHITTING on NYC for the weekend. Most Spring Breakers in NY were at risk of being blown away.
I spent Friday @ Johnny Utah's and again we didn't disappoint. Due to respect for Blaqlist clients and their privacy i'm not going to drop names. But I will say that two of the New York Giants were in the house on Friday and Again on Saturday. I realize that i've been to Johnny Utahs so often that the amazing fun time that I have is becoming so much of the norm I'm not sure where else could top it on a Friday Night!
Saturday I took a day off, headed to Marquee to party with the Giants again. My buddy Darrius who promotes with me had marquee locked down. 80% of the ladies in the club were at our table.. the rest sad to say were either not worth it or guys. Now ladies these odds might not work for you, but the quality of guys available far exceeds what you might want. There was enough eye candy to go around.
This week is St. Patricks Day, the closest i'll probably get to alcohol poisoning, Wednesday we hit up 1834 Bar and Grill for some crazy specials, Friday Nights @ POP Burger get ya some free food and a great pre-game spot to start your night. However I have been hitting a place called Fat Baby before Utah's on Essex and Rivington, the crowd in there is nice, the music is a fun mix of hip-hop, top 40 and more.

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Monday, 15 March 2010

Fashion Spotlight :: Bang Bang in the East

Photographer Kerron Riley releases the lastest editorial, from the current Bang Bang & Blaanix campaign after their first for the season 'Operation Maracas .

This editorial features models Nikita Le and Martin Villanueva. The styling by the creative eye Yosiaha Fletcher and make up by Sudesh Ramsaran.

Photography Spotlight :: Paddy on the Roof by Michael Brus

After sobering up from our last post with Master-photographer Michael Brus, we at ISLAND are ready for our second round and this my friends, it's on the house. Michael our 'tambourine-man' pours us a cold glass of Paddy on the Roof by German model Patrick Eheim whiles in NYC.
New face, 23 tear old Patrick Eheim, is signed to KULT Model Agency in Hamburg, Germany.

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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Fashion Spotlight :: PASSIONATELY CURIOUS about how it's done?

Alex and Steph of OhlalaMag take us yet again to a wonderland, made possible that we can all aspire to escape too where we can view, shop, create and relax. VIEW the acrylic paintings by Nicolas Chevallier or any art gallery between Bastille and Place des Vosges . SHOP for well tailored garments from jackets, to sweaters, to slacks, to shirts, to sneakers. CREATE and custom-design your own wardrobe from a fresh use of colors like N°11 Blue Lagoon and N°22 Paradise Pink to flannel jackets and cashmere scarves, you can have your article hand painted in 180g’s atelier in over 100 rich, nuanced, luminous colors. RELAX and break free from the pressure modern society is putting on every human being by just running a bubble bath, 2 candles, a good book, a glass of whatever you like to drink and that will do.
All this in just one trip too the city of love, MY Paris, France.


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