Friday, 12 March 2010

Fashion Spotlight :: The Nomad of The Golden Sand by Mariano Vivanco

"Photographer Mariano Vivanco captures stylist Nicola Formichettie’s daytime vision in the editorial The Nomad of The Golden Sand.’ Appearing in the new vol. 4 of Vogue Hommes Japan, it’s a colorful and sexy vision that features a vibrantly over-accessorized Alejandro Rodriguez [Ford Homme]." -: H

+ thanks to team Vivanco and of course Homotography for the images.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


It's not the last Collection of the label but the last collection created by Alexander McQueen himself. 16 outfits which were 80 percent finished at the time of his death and it was presented at this week's F/W fashion week in Paris. The intimate show took place at the Conciergerie, a former royal palace and prison located on the Ile de la Cité, near the Cathedral of Notre-Dame.
McQueen had turned away from the world of the Internet, which he had so powerfully harnessed in his last show "He wanted to get back to the handcraft he loved, and the things that are being lost in the making of fashion. He was looking at the art of the Dark Ages, but finding light and beauty in it. He was coming in every day, draping and cutting pieces on the stand." said Sarah Burton.
What McQueen was preparing had a poetic, medieval beauty that dealt with religious iconography while recapturing memories of his own past collections. He had ordered fabric that translated digital photographs of paintings of high-church angels and Bosch demons into hand-loomed jacquards, then taken the materials and cut stately caped gowns and short draped dresses. In its ornate surface narrative, that might read as a kick against the plain and restrained direction fashion is taking, but in their own way, the fluted, attenuated lines of his long dresses suggested a calm and simplicity. Instead of aggression, they transmitted the grace of the medieval Madonnas and Byzantine empresses McQueen had been studying []

Alexander McQueen took his own life on February 11, 2010.
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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Model Spotlight :: Axl Alessandri by Andreas Kleiberg

Today on Model Spotlight WE introduce Norwegian hunk Axl Alessandri. He shares with us, images from European-fashion photographer Andreas Kleiberg, which were styled by Eirik Møgseth for a Danish editorial.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Fashion Spotlight :: Revisiting the past with Borys Starosz & Nil Hoppenot by Tomas

This was an older post, but as I was editing space on one of our earlier blogs, I saw this spread and couldn't help but share light on it. The styling, the compositions, the photography... all in unison.
Photographer Tomas Falmer captured Borys Starosz and Nil Hoppenot for the September 09' issue of Attitude magazine. The editorial Paris Je T’aime shows the boys styled by Frank Strachan in the fall 09 creations.

ISLAND Spotlight :: Weekend of the 6th- 7th with Mez

You can lock down an entire quarter of a club!
Friday Night was possibly the best night I've had at Johnny Utah's in a long time. We had the entire back quarter for two friends Birthday parties, the DJ was rocking some great music throughout the night and EVERYONE had a blast, vodka, champagne was flowing like water.
"me and my bro @ Utahs"

Saturday night was @ Aspen Social
My first time hosting a Birthday Party for a close friend of mine @ Patricia G. Now I must say, the decor in Aspen is top notch, however the crowd leaves quite a bit to be desired. A bit too many touristy types... and one douchebag who kept asking to have orange juice... I'm sorry but if you're wearing a nice jacket and expensive jeans, why the hell are you walking around the club, buying alcohol in ur glass @ the bar and bugging people for their juice? Thats poor game, had to shut that kid down quickly.
"Say Ahhh"

As it's my springbreak I've been adventuring all over, Monday Night I hit up Stanton Social club, I've gotta say its a pretty nice chillspot, end's early(2) and has pretty top notch staffers, definitely getting a 'revisit' soon. After Stanton, we headed to Greenhouse. We headed there entirely too late because greenhouse was PACKED @ 1:30. The doorman was sending entire groups of people home. I left there soon after arriving, inside is gorgeous but being barely able to move sucks :(

Model Spotlight :: David Gandy by Greg Lotus for GQ Style Germany

Photographer Greg Lotus and stylist Grant Woolhead come together once more for an editorial on behalf of GQ Style Germany. In early preparation for the summer, the duo take the chance to have a little fun with a scuba themed shoot featuring top model-the divine David Gandy.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Music Spotlight :: Spread the word- We Are Machines

Model, musician, actor- Jamie Dominic (who's vocals are AMAZING!)shares with us two brand new releases from his band Amour Amour. 'You're The Famous' and 'We Are Machines' are the titles of the entries, both fueled and mastered through the art of ingenuity.

Follow link to their music ::
Add, download, leave a comment and definitely SPREAD the word!


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