Saturday, 13 February 2010

Troy Gordon :: NYC G ossip- Whispering at 1OAK

Unfortunately I am not permitted to say names so we have to do the guessing games but I will make it easy. Last night @ 1oak a celebrity favorite of mine was @1oak he sings a song called "I can transform ya" he was wearing some bling bling first time I have ever seen him wear such accessories maybe fashion week had him go all out? He was stacked up on the couch surrounded by a harem of females (David Attenborough from Planet Earth said that exactly for the Alpha Male Ibex-that's an animal).

@ a late hour in the morning BINN (doorman) is usually inside parading with females as he should be but it seemed he was outside as he had to personally be there to take care of any celebrity guests coming late night and also to manage door traffic which was quite bad last night. Ram packed outside and he had to show a lot of girls and guys the "red light" that being NOOO rejected loll. Inside it was packed packed packed. I wish I was invited to some cool fashion shows or something but sadly I was not…

OH and so random but Mary Olsen was @ Marquee last night. Noah Tepperberg is still pulling celebrities there. I read an article on which you guys should check because they literally quantify which nightlife institutions made the most money in 2009 and I think Noah Tepperberg and Jason Strauss came in 4th place with 100 million grossing revenue. SO for all you haters who say "are you going to do this for the rest of your life" YESSS !!!!!!!! There is money to be made in promoting. Some promoters make over 400k a year. The sad thing is they spend it all on alcohol limousines gratuity on dinners bottles girls and cocaine. Sad but true! David Guetta @ Pacha Feb 24th Wed

Fabolous will be @ Capitale tonight JOONBUG is throwing a huge party there tonight. If you have not purchased tickets already a good friend of mine told me you can still go to door and buy obvi he price may be more hefty but hey you delayed in purchase so you F-d up.
This week should still be a good run because of valentines day tomorrow (ill be @ Juliet) and also its presidents day so lots of people out and about.
If you know anyone that needs a new apt I have one available from March 1st till July. Hit me up

Troy Gordon


HUGO BOSS Fragrances has signed actor Ryan Reynolds as the face of its new male fragrances, launching under the brand’s classic BOSS line.
Reynolds’ style, charisma and self-assured masculinity make him the natural embodiment of the brand’s sophisticated, contemporary image. The signing was announced to global media at a private celebration held in London last night.
"Now we can only image how the ads are going to look ... and I do not know why but a voice in my head keeps repeating "please be shirtless ... please be shirtless ... please be shirtless ..." "

Model Spotlight :: Jamie Dominic by Rick Day

Model: Jamie Dominic :Click Models:
Photographer: Rick Day
Another New Face and top model Jamie Dominic photographed by Rick Day. We promise much more on this raising star soon.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Fashion Spotlight :: Sisley 2010ss campaign by Marcus Ohlsson

Here is the new Sisley Spring/Summer 2010 ad campaign by Marcus Ohlsson featuring a pissed-off looking Nicolas Ripoll and Missy Rayder (perhaps they lost their key and are locked outside the door of their house?)

New York Fashion Week :: John Bartlett Fall 2010

Retro aspirations meet modern proportions in the latest collection from New York-based designer John Bartlett. Embracing a relaxed formality, Bartlett approaches the season with a fearless redressing of suiting. As belted waists give way to fitted looks, a modest military motif gets the camp treatment, while a generous pant silhouette offers relief. Altogether, Bartlett offers an accessible collection with a definitive style.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Troy Gordon :: NYC G ossip- Michael Phelps was not @ JULIET

Michael Phelps was not @ JULIET Sunday however it did look like him though . Speaking of the door @ JULIET, doormans name is RUBEN he is cool as hell and quite easy @ door. JULIET just hasn’t hit the map yet in the sense that not as many people go or have heard of it as yet. Obvi if you are an avid clubgoer you know this but a lot of girls respond to my mass texts to JULIET with “who is she?” The room just attracts the right crowd so far is my point (easy doorman and only hot crowd inside?)

Sunday night @ Juliet all I have to say is WOW. WOW. Haha. Crowd=amazing music =amazing # of people there=amazing.

It was a great time and some Sacramento players were there (I have never seen them play and don’t follow bball really). I was actually in conversation with some of the people from provocateur and he said they don’t use promoters whilst another person that works there told me they do use them and the promoters are required to solely work with them. Not sure how long both of those statements will last because any club opened in NY will fall subject to the human psychology. That is “omg I'm so hot and provocateur is so cold and old omg I love Gucci and Louis V and Blackberry, whats your bbm?” haha I don’t know why I added that stuff but the girls that go to these clubs twice and then say the club sucks just sometimes piss me off. I can understand some of you that think Marquee is the worst club (even though I disagree totally). You went for a birthday bachelor and bachelorette party so that counts as enough but Marquee to me is still a great time. Saturday nights there are lovely. The promoters bring their good looking girls and the rest of the club has the cover paying filler crowd and the DJ is amazing. DJ Serebe mixes and sometimes DJ Phresh. Both great guys. Anyways back to PROV…so I would like to see when they open their doors to using promoters (which happens due to snobby NYorkers getting exhausted of going to the same club over and over).

Im so sad. Im not permitted to blog which celebrities are @ 1oak and butter anymore . I was told by one of the staff members but he was very polite and appreciated the positive remarks I have for 1Oak. Still one of the best nightclubs. However, on the bright side I am permitted to beat around the bush haha. That being, I can say “an actor from law abiding citizen and 300 is @1oak right now” haha. Always check my I try to keep everyone updated of celebrity sight seeing. How do you spell chirades? Is that it? Haha. Is there a new Le Souk? From what I have heard they have moved to a new location. Anyone been to Red Velvet? Give me deets.

Tues Feb 16th Tenjune is having a private event so the promoters don’t have to work
Troy Gordon

Monday, 8 February 2010

Photography Spotlight :: Introduction to Jascha Pansch

ISLAND again beams our spotlight on yet another fantastic Memory Keeper Jascha Pansch who we recently discovered through our own top model, Tomas Bohinc who's also featured in this spread.
Born in South-Germany, autumn of 1983 Jascha Pansch, this young photographer discovered early the muse of music and he learned to play the drums at the age of 10. He played in and formed Bands always searching to get the full satisfaction of his own creativity but, it always was certainly not satisfactory....
Then three years ago there was this inspirational moment. He explains while watching the movie "Vanilla Sky". There was this question:"How can I transport this feelings into things that i can see and how can I save it forever? " With photography...And this is his work.

Winner of several Photography-Prize Competitions and lately an Art-Photography Contest German-Austria-Switzerland-wide and publishes weekly in the advertising industry. We at ISLAND can't wait to show you guys more from this brilliant photographer! :)
For more on this Memory Keeper visit his webpage :
and for the Facebookers, you can follow his feed at :


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