Saturday, 6 February 2010

Fashion Spotlight :: GLAMOHOLIC by JOHNNY LOPERA

Digital Fashion photographer Johnny Lopera shares with ISLAND his latest editorial for Glamoholic by Starcafe,
with stella models Angela Giraldo and Camilo Tocancipa .

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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Photography Spotlight :: Anthony Goicolea

It’s very rare that discovering the work of a photographer would have as strong an effect on me as I just experienced with the images of NYC-based photographer Anthony Goicolea. If you’re not familiar with the captivating work of this immensely talented artist, then these few images (mostly from his Septemberists series) should provide a good introduction. Many of these images can be found in Anthony’s latest book, Fictions, which was released in 2009.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Photography Spotlight :: JuanPablo Santamaria in 'If You Wanna Be Rich...'

A brief behind-the-scene look with Latin artist and photographer, Juan Pablo Santamaria a.k.a. JP SANTAMARIA for the making of the editorial spread "IF YOU WANNA BE RICH, YOU HAVE TO BE A BITCH!"published in Display Magazine (Switz) Zero Magazine (Spain).

JP Santamaria born in Asturias, is based in Barcelona, Spain began his self-taught career influenced by Fashion. His first works passed from Illustration to the Graphic Design and through them, to the Photography.This is why he not only sees, but understands a picture as a canvas from which one can masterly embroid and translates his ideas to the picture, as he was a painter by applying the arts of digital graphic workings.
His work is a mixture of color, irony, sex and elegance. A continuous search for Beauty and Perfection. In which everything is always thought to detail to bring the viewer into the artist's private universe.

Models :: Ivan Gonzalez, Manu Bermúdez, Raul Roso and Albert Lc
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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Photography Spotlight :: Liudi Hara from New York

Liudi Hara from New York, with an editorial featuring German model Tomas Bohinc in New York
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Troy Gordon :: NYC Gossip- Leo Dicaprio Out on Monday

Started the night off @ Stanton Social as usual on Mondays...its a chill spot where people meet and greet before they head out for the main event...Stayed there till 130 then headed to Butter to chill @ my friends table Mike Kanevsky and Jeremy Marshall...Got text messages from girls saying LEO DICAPRIO was there so i totally understood why the door outside was more packed than normal...Bouncers let us in and the girls immediately spotted diCAP and as usual he was wearing a CAP....always trying to be incognito in nightclubs when we all know its him right there wearing casual clothes...blending in is VERY tough for a celebrity with such a big name...LEO was hanging out with Richie Akiva at his table...guess what LEO was surrounded by? models of course and it didn't look like he went with many colleagues actually I want to go out on a limb and say he went alone...he actually does that a lot as any time i see him out hes alone and down to meet some gorgeous women !!!
Whilst in line for the bathroom I mentioned out loud to two girls that came with me for us to head to AVENUE in a few minutes and at the same time Scott Sartiano (Butter and 1Oak owner) was nearby me and responded "why do that LEO is here"; Not in a yelling or mean voice but actually with a big smile on his face...

When Butter slowed @ 3am we changed pace and checked out AVENUE and it was a different scene more elegant and mature crowd but less people.. WASS does the door usually from MON-THUR and Rich Thomas on Fri + Sat..

Right now based on reports the best clubs in NYC right now are Simyone Lounge (better known as SL by the locals), Provocatuer (I am yet to try this please as I fear the rejection @ door-kidding i care not but have not had the time to see it) Avenue, Boom Boom Room, Juliet, and the one and only cannot beat 1Oak i think because no matter what venue you choose on almost any given night excluding MONDAY (when oak is closed) EVERYONE always ends their night @ 1oak...its a no brainer....done deal..Guess why? Because they remain open until 4.45 or 5 am...Human Beings just need somewhere to go to keep the party going as late as possible...we are in the city that never 1Oak can be there @ 12am or 1am but its the most packed venue @ 230 or 330am I would say on most nights at those hours...Good right?

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Photography Spotlight :: Female & Sand by Kerron Riley

Photographer Kerron Riley shares with us these images he shot last week as an abstract look at naked female body meets oil, sand and leaves with the stunning Sparkles Charles.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Fashion Spotlight :: Girls Allowed

Vogue UK March 2010
Shot by: Mario Testino
Model: Patricia van der Vliet
Fashion editor: Lucinda Chambers [Via]

Fashion Spotlight :: Gabriel Croisser Swimwear by JP SANTAMARIA

In addition to doing many illustrative editorials, self-taught photographer Jp Santamaria, did the CRUCERO 2010 swimwear collection by Gabriel Croisser.
David Bulky

For more on JP Santamaria follow this link :

David Agbodji by Steven Klein :: Calvin Klein Collection

Ok, officially my favorite CK ads of the Spring/Summer 2010 season are their Calvin Klein Collection ads with David Agbodji, someone I’ve never heard of before. Photographed by Steven Klein and art directed by Fabien Baron, the images are visually striking and instantly iconic. Absolutely stunning!


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