Saturday, 16 January 2010

Model Spotlight :: Keron Lewis

Model: Keron Lewis
Photographer: Kerron Riley
Location: Trinidad

Model Spotlight :: Lisel Parillon

Chyian Q: What is ur favorite color?
Lisel A: Aquamarine.
Chhyian Q: Which movie made you fall in love?
Lisel A: I dont think ive ever been in love so none as yet. we will see what the future brings!
Chyian Q: Why dentistry?
Lisel A: Dentistry is a compilation of everything that i adore. science, working with my hands and helping people, making a difference. taking someone out of pain is one of the greatest things a person can do and dentistry allows the dentist to do that. In addition, the we (Dentists) get to use our creativity to fabricate new smiles, and subsequently, new measures of self confidence. all in all i guess i would just have to say that it is my calling.
Chyian Q: How friendly are you?
Lisel A: Ha ha i would say really friendly! i have to be! making peopel smile is what my life is about. plus i really enjoy meeting new people and making new connections. you catch more flies with honey than water right :)

Friday, 15 January 2010

Troy Gordon :: NYC Gossip

Thursday 14th of January @ Tenjune you can totally see college was back in full force as students were in their prime having a blast at Tenjune. I felt as though everyone came back from vacation and all decided to come out all @ once. Tenjune seriously was ram packed. I have not seen it like that in a long time. Since the good old days of its inception.

@1Oak it was the birthday for the staff member SHERRY of 1Oak. Tough doorlady sometimes who fills in for BINN sometimes.

Some one who went and checked out PROVOCATEUR can you fill the rest of us in please. Soft opening occurred yet? Its in meatpacking and its sexy. There is a restaurant? How long do you think it will be hot for? 1Oak hot or Griffin hot? We need details LOVERS. Get on your sh**

By the time you are reading this its probably daytime J its currently 6am work hard and come out to the gates tonight guys I may have CHUCK LIDDELL @ my table tonight. A friend of a friend says he is bringing him so we shall see how it plays out. You know how people are when they say they have a celeb but it’s a no show.

Troy Gordon

C: 6462515017

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Model Spotlight :: Ryan Rocke

Magazine: TeL
Model: Ryan Rocke :Click Models:
Photographer: Kerron Riley
New Face and up coming model Ryan Rocke photographed by Kerron Riley for the latest issue of online fashion mag.TeL Magazine


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