Thursday, 14 October 2010

Model Spotlight :: Introducing Trevor Adams by Rick Day

Knowing what you want out of life is generally an extraordinary privilege, that not many people are privy too. Top Fitness-Model Trevor Adams is certainly aware of what he wants because he is emotionally disciplined and sure of himself.

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This 6'0 (183cm) 28yrs old Titan who hails to us from Houston, Texas was forced to be self-efficient and emotionally managed from an early age after the divorce of his parents. Trevor recalls doing lawn work for neighbors and any other odd job he could, just to help his family make it through the hard times at the age 7. His parents always struggled maintaining employment and his childhood often times suffered the burdens of adulthood when faced with the realization that it would be a long road ahead. Trevor grew up with one brother who's learning disabled, a stressed single parent Mother and a Father who was an alcoholic. Although things were challenging Trevor did have the privilege to start organized sports at a relatively young age.  He was on the swim team at the age of five until age twelve, his winning times qualified him for the all-star team (a local championship for athletes). 

Finishing High School at 17, Trevor was able to focus on his employment, managing a local garden center, and working out more.  It wasn't until he was in his early twenties that he walked in a modeling agency to see what his potentials were, when he was politely told that he would be too large to do the mainstream modeling and would need to lose several pounds if he wanted to make it in this business. Not elated by what he heard yet undeterred, he was introduced to a local fitness photographer that was willing to work with him, despite his larger stature. But because Trevor was working full-time and going to College on the side, he couldn't devote as much time to modeling as he wish he could.  Besides, Houston isn't exactly the Mecca-of-Modeling as NY or LA would be and though moving was an option for him, it wasn't right away.
Trevor did a few fitness magazines through his twenties and didn't really devote that much time in front of the lens until later on.  At this time, Trevor has several fitness and lifestyle publications to his name.  He has appeared in many blogs, interviews, short stories, editorials, catalogs and is working on appearing on the cover of a book.  He has appeared in a movie My Guaranteed Student Loan | Released date:  Fall 2010.
Trevor currently works as a massage therapist and fitness trainer and co-owns his own gym.  He also owns his own production company, (reviving Broadway shows and producing them locally) and is co-producing his next film.  He promotes himself independently as a model and is being considered for representation at a major NY agency that specialized in fitness models.
To learn more about Trevor Adams, please visit his website at and stay tuned for his upcoming ISLAND Exclusive Interview.

All photos courtesy Photographer Rick Day.

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