Sunday, 10 October 2010

ISLAND EXCLUSIVE | Interview with The Last Prince - Benito Villella

Finally here is the long awaited two-part Editorial and Exclusive Interview with The Last Prince Benito Villella, where he shares with us his history, his thoughts and himself.

The Last Prince Benito Villella who's reign climaxed when even his public Facebook page surpassed 50,000 fans in less than a year. It's a most startling number when one considers that Renowned-Supermodel 'David Gandy's page has a little more than half, yet the 25yrs old, 6'0 (182cm) Italian of Calabrian origin remains is a boy, (Perfectly Normal) as he likes to say.."this is my trump card." Yet the normality and simplicity to become so favored in such a short time, would not been without the merits derived from so specific a form. From the particular expression of his face, to his dark eyes and full lips, his olive complexion and athletic-built... all distinctively Mediterranean. Prince Villella has worked for many high end clients like Enzo Castellano and editiorials in "Stiletto homme" and "Maxim" and walked in the Fashion Week Milan. The young Prince also had us all in a frenzy when he first revealed his physique to us for Aussiebum 'oh, come la divina!'

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ISLAND Q: What do you think of your success?
Benito A: I confess to being surprised. I never imagined being celebrated by such a large number of people, so naturally this makes me happy and still have some getting used too.
ISLAND Q: Every photo and every video uploaded to your network receives an immediate success, with hundreds of approvals that accumulate into thousands overtime and all the positive feedback from around the world. Tell me, what do you really think is the cause of this communal pandemonium at the thought of you?
Benito A: It is true that I do receive a generous amount of accolades from many the world over, women and men... this is beautiful but, I can not really explain why so much excitement by people for me, a little boy from the southern province of Italy.. this is unbelievable :)


ISLAND Q: Benito, you've lived several years at your home in Rome, where you've worked in entertainment even from childhood. Not too long after you moved to Milan and almost immediately you were selected by a network to conduct & host a TV-promotion on Media Shopping by the largest commercial broadcaster in Italy, MediaSet. Now tell me, what would you do in life yet still have not done?
Benito A: HAHAH you really did your research! Umm, the beginnings for me were not as smooth as you say, in fact in was difficult. Years of apprenticeship, gym and self-esteem building, to only have many doors slammed in my face. But of course I never gave up and never gave in. I kept  pursuing what loved and believed that one day it will all change, and it has. But there are so many things I want to do and dreams not yet materialized... i.e. photography! This is a great passion of mine, I guess instead off always posing in front the camera (which I greatly enjoy) I'd love to be behind the camera; be the photographer.
ISLAND Q: Which photographer/s do you look too as your mentor and whose work you are inspired by?
Benito A: David lachapelle ;) 
ISLAND Q: When not shooting, what do you do to relax?
Benito A: when I have free time I run away from London and ride to my little mansard to relax in Calabria, in my hometown. Also be in contact with my family and my sweet grandmother that I am very attached too.

ISLAND Q: So you are titled The Last Prince, how do you feel about that?
Benito A: Perhaps it will bring me greater opportunities in my career. But seriously... it is a real honor for me to have a space so important on ISLAND with this title.


ISLAND Q: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Benito A: Well to still be working within the fashion world and to be touring the world. I really love traveling... seeing new places and new people. Getting to know their customs and way of life; that's how I imagine in 5 years. Touring the world with my suitcase in search of new emotions and experience unforgettable moments because,  as an artist these are the details that influence your perspective. 
ISLAND Q: Lastly, tell us a secret...
Benito A: A secret? ....Always be yourself. My eyes could not lie... ever!  


This edit was shot in Milan by Photographer Ivan Nacar and extraordinarily styled by Marzia Cuda, with all the clothes, accessories and shoes by designer Giuliano Fujiwara.

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