Monday, 27 September 2010

Model Spotlight :: Corey Higgins in THE MAGIC HAT by David Vance

Much Grace is given as Photographer David Vance shares a new release themed 'THE MAGIC HAT" featuring the remarkably-gifted, Corey Higgins
"Corey to be a delight too work with. He is very open, creative and completely uninhibited. He is also in amazing shape head to toe, gifted with a most engaging smile and a wonderful, sarcastic wit. This one's a real find and I think the photos speak for themselves. (:" --David Vance--

Corey is a 6' (183cm) tall, 21 yr old hunk who is a native of Dallas, Texas, where he attends school for Theater Arts, since acting is one of his long term goals. And not to thicken the cliché but, he also works for his father's company as a carpenter... can you say "Workman-Fantasy!" umm hmmm. 
We are in left in ecstasy as we await future works from Mr. Vance and  on Corey, to whom we wish great success!

1 comment:

Hugo said...

Que buena mamada debe hacer esa boca con esos labios tan gruesos y jugosos.


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