Thursday, 23 September 2010

ISLAND Spotlight :: Mr Universe Model Winner Tarik Kaljanac

Today ISLAND is elated to Spotlight the Prince of Sarajevo, Bosnia and recently crowned 2010 Mr Universe Model Winner Tarik Kaljanac. This 20year old super-stud was an avid soccer player that moved from trial to grace as one dream faded and another blossomed. When Tarik was 16 he went skiing with family, an accident incurred which resulted in a broken leg for 3 months and inevitably, the end of his soccer career. Though crushed by that reality, Tarik never gave up and decided to pursue other avenues which inexplicably led him here.

Modeling has been very generous to him standing at 6'2 (188cm), with a body of an Olympian, a most-remarkable face and personality to just die for. He is superb to work with, very ambitious, disciplined and focused on his new passion. We can't wait for more on this raising talent  :-)

Photography courtesy Mladen Blagojevic Photography .

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