Monday, 5 July 2010

Model Spotlight:: New Face and Hungarian Wonder Marcell Kustos

Today we introduce New Face and fitness model, Marcell Kustos. This 21 year old, 6'1 (185cm) natural Hungarian Wonder, springs to us from Budapest where he's about to graduate from the University of Corvinus and at Budapest Business School. Yes folks, 2 universities at the same time which explains the daunting-delay within just catching him for a moment. But the wait was most definitely worth it because he's now enrolled as one of the few that can honestly perpetuate the idea of 'Beauty being gifted with Intelligence and Self Expression'. 
Though joggling two schools, training and the odd photoshoot, Marcell maintains his absolute body by going to the gym everyday, sometimes twice a day even though it can be exhausting. The key he says it to 'discipline your mind by remaining focused on your goal'. His is to be the next featured underwear model. Marcell practices a lifestyle of healthy habits and foods and advises everyone to do the same :) So now that we caught his attention and yours, we intend on doing more frequent updates him. Cheers mate :P

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