Monday, 12 July 2010

ISLAND Spotlight:: The Nature of Sasha Marini by Alberto Rugolotto

Today not only ISLAND, but me, Kai has the great honor of not just officially introducing Top Model Sasha Marini, but to have a one-on-one with the editorial legend. Sasha takes us beyond the veil and into the nature of himself, as he is featured by friend and elite photographer Alberto Rugolotto. Now for me this was a big deal because it wasn't just another random model or even a close friend. This was Sasha Marini, the man who is a Model, a model that saw no limitations, only possibilities and for me that was the most inspiring perspective-discipline since Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden in Fight Club.
Sasha's work synergiesed with Alberto's vision, both probe at the frustrations of the people that live within the system pressing us to push through the walls we put around ourselves and just go for it. The intent of their work is not for us to fell comfortable, but rather uncomfortable to the point were you feel compelled to get up and radically change your perspective by disciplining your mind to the possibility that anything is possible! 
KAI Q: Sasha, although we have seen a lot of you, we don’t know that much about you. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us how long you've been modeling?
Sasha A: I am Sasha Marini, I’m 30 years old and I’m an International model based in Milan. But I constantly travel all over the world. I come from the central of Italy and my home place's name is San Benedetto del Tronto. It's a small city near the Adriatic Sea and like a 2 hour drive by car from Rome. I'm an only child and I love family. My parents always pushed me to go and get my goals. I studied low at university and I travelled all the world. I mean, I've lived in Athens, Barceona & Madrid, Istanbul, Munich, New York... you name it! My star sign is Leo and I really have Leo attitude about private life and professional one. I’ve been modelling since 10 years.
KAI Q: Who was the most memorable shoot to date and why?
Sasha A: The best shoots of my career were “Metamorphosis”, “Decadence”, “En plein air”, “Bag for love” editorials & videos I shot with photographer Alberto Rugolotto and “Rape” editorial.
KAI Q: What is your best feature?
Sasha A:  I think my best feature is to be really professional, tenacious, determinated and focused on my career but in the same time I’m always very nice, polite and balanced with all the people I’m working with.

KAI Q: What do you think is the biggest invention in human history?
Sasha A: In my opinion the best invention is internet because it gave us the opportunity to connect people from a side of the world to another, overcoming distance.
KAI Q: And the biggest mistake?
Sasha A: The biggest mistake is the war. No war can be a solution. Never!
KAI Q: What excites Sasha Marini and in the same tone what is your ultimate turn off?
Sasha A: I enjoy travelling, staying in different towns and rising to the occasion of new exciting experiences, but also working with very professional people I could learn very much from. My turn off, umm, the lack of respect, falseness, shallowness, hypocrisy and the "fashion victim" attitude turns off my mind.
KAI Q: What is next Sasha, where do you want to go with your career?
Sasha A: To be honest after modeling, I’d like to work as an actor. I think I have a very natural attitude for acting so let’s see what is going to happen.
KAI Q: Any parting gifts you would like to bestow us with?
Sasha A: Everyday is a step to be better!

And there you have it... an insight into The Nature of Sasha Marini. I would love to extend a great THANK YOU to Sasha for sharing with us and totally can't wait for your next post and another great THANK YOU to photographer Alberto Rugolotto who's next edit release called Denim we are anxious for :)

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