Thursday, 17 June 2010

Music Spotlight :: The Beginning of Lopez

Today I am most excited to spotlight family member, friend musician Lopez and he is currently working on his first solo album. And I guess if his desire for perfection takes over we can hope that within in a year or two, the album will be done. Until then, we have a lil insight on the man behind the voice.
KAI Q: Tell me your story about your music, when and how did you start?
Lopez A: My music is a long adventure Kai. Growing up with a father who listened to all types of music like: Rock, Rock&Roll, Opera, Soul and Jazz; playing the saxophone, guitar and accordion, it all finally got my attention. I started to experience with singing in a young age and when I entered the teen years I started experimenting with the guitar, playing the piano and writing songs in a age of 13 and been doing this until today. As the years went I tried to find out what kinda genre my writing, my vocal and my own music belongs. The genres that really really got my attenting was soul & R&B and Hip Hop. So it kinda felt natural for me to kinda fall in that direction. I moved away from my hometown, got some new friends who worked with Hip Hop and R&B. After 2 years I gave out my first EP "The beginning of Lopez" and 1 year after that I gave out a single that was on air for 5 months back in my hometown. I developed more and more and today I'm an owner of a Production and Songwriting company that`s called Melogic Music and havent focused that much on my own music but working on producing and writing for other artists..
KAI Q: If you could change one thing in you, what would it be?
Lopez A: Wow if I could change one thing about myself...I guess it would be the insecurity I have about my own music. I often question my own music, cause I got this "soundpicture" of what my album would sound like. I probably got over 50 songs that I have recorded for my album but every time I sit down and listen to them I feel they wont be hot enough for the music market out there.
KAI Q: What is the most surprising thing you have learnt about, in the music industry?
Lopez A: Hmm, the most surprising thing I have learnt is that a lot of things that happen in the music industry is coincidences. What artist u bump into, what manager u might meet when your out drinking with some other artist, and even producers. Most of my, if i can call it "success" is that it`s all been coincidences.... and off course there has to be a certain amount of talent but, I see much of it as many coincidences fallin into pieces.
KAI Q: If you had a superpower, what would it be?
Lopez A: Wow superpowers huh? hehe I guess I wish I could fly, and that I was strong :)

Images courtesy of Magnus Halvorsen Wathne

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