Thursday, 15 April 2010

ISLAND Spotlight :: Exclusive-Preview of THE STORY with François Sagat

Renowned Photographer Franck Glénisson, is yet again about to take us on another mind-blowing fantasy-high, through his new concept titled THE STORY. Franck who has worked for some of the most prestigious fashion magazines in Paris, New-York and London and even more so in his very personal “stories”, has the innate ability to make one feel the influence of a cinema inspired theme, by devouring feelings. It's a proud, compact and soulful human resistance which is an obstinacy to defend the individual. He is bringing that and so much more in this New Series and of course to tie it all in he features the Titian himself François Sagat.

Cover and photo spread for Zero Magazine Spain supplied by Alvaro Villarrubia

To be released in a few more weeks

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