Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Eight Wonders of Australia by Simon Le

Right after the Kakadu National Park, the Sydney Harbor, the Great Barrier Reef, the Ayer's Rock, the Bungle Bungles, the Giant Eucalyptus Trees of Tasmania and the The Great Ocean Road, there is the eight wonder of Australia- Mr. Australia himself Tim Boulenger.
Sydney based Master-Photographer Simon Le shares with us a few images of this natural wonder. Timothy Boulenger was born in Australia, but grew up in Tahiti where he spent most of my time in the water. He moved back to Australia to study at the University of The Sunshine Coast where he's recently graduated from, with a degree in sports and exercise science. After entering and winning a few male beauty competitions, Timothy entered the 6th edition of the Mister World 2010 male pageant which was held at Incheon, South Korea last March. Though he didn't get the Mr. World title, Timothy still shines on as the current Mr. Australia and obviously one of their eight wonders :-) 

Tim now lives in Sydney on the beautiful Bondi Beach where he works as a surf instructor and still spends most of his time in the water and like most Aussies, he's ecstatic about surfing, fishing, basketball and anything athletic. And as a career plan, his intent is to work in sports injury rehabilitation. Timothy is represented by CR- Scouting.

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