Friday, 26 March 2010

ISLAND Spotlight :: Model & MMA Fighter Defends Title in Jamaica

When model Dwayne Hinds is not on the ramp of a Fashion Week or on a billboard for a campaign, he's either at the Torakan Dojo practicing Krav Maga or on isle defending his title in the Ultimate Fighting Championship via MMA. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is considered by many to be the oldest sport in the world, after all hand to hand combat has been around since the beginning of time. Today, however, it’s the fastest growing sport in the world and with the emergence of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) MMA is now being televised and practiced by millions all over the world. So it was only a matter of time before this growing sensation reached the Caribbean. 
This upcoming weekend, Saturday March 27th, Dwayne Hinds of Trinidad, the current Caribbean welterweight champion sets out to defend his title. This time he faces more than just his Caribbean foe’s when he faces American, Luke Taylor. With an impressive amateur record of 9-1 and a professional record of 2-3, Taylor holds two belts of his own in the United States. But Dwayne Hinds with a 4-1 record and no loses since his first match has been on a mission of his own, winning his last four fights all by stoppage within the first three minutes. Hinds, who practices wrestling, jujitsu and boxing out of Torakan Dojo and Judo out of Queens Park Judo Club is determined to show the world that Trinidad and the Caribbean can produce quality international MMA fighters.
Many are not surprised by the tremendous and growing success of MMA. Combining most of the Traditional arts such as boxing, wrestling, muay thai, karate, sambo, jujitsu, and judo MMA is an outlet for just about any martial artist willing to compete. As for spectators and martial arts fanatics it answers the old dawning question of which martial art is truly the best. Is boxing better than wrestling? Can a karateka beat a Judoka? But like all rhetorical questions the answer to this question is determined by each individual and each individual fight which makes MMA so entertaining to watch.  Also on the card showcasing fighters from Ireland, Jamaica, and the USA was suppose to be undefeated Trinidadian, Adam De Silva (5-0). Due to a rib injury however, the former lightweight Caribbean Kickboxing Grappling Sancho Federation (CKGSF) champion will be out of the spotlight.
This weekend’s competition, held in Montego Bay, Jamaica, will be the third of it’s kind and is being called King of the Rock III. Keron Bourne with a 3-0 record will also be representing Trinidad in the featherweight division and Erland George (3-2) of Tobago will be fighting for the middle weight title against undefeated Jamaican, Chris McDonald (5-0).

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