Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Model Spotlight :: Q & A with Jamie Dominic

As promised in the last spread done on raising top model Jamie Dominic, here is more! In addition follow the Q & A on him.
KAI Q: Who is the first photographer you worked with?
Jamie A: The first photographer I've worked with was a guy named Shamal. My first reputable photographer i worked with was Steven Gomillion.
KAI Q: What is the most surprising thing you have learnt about, in the fashion industry?
Jamie A: Well you never know what to expect in this industry, But one of the things i guess i could say that i have learned (which really wasn't a surprise) Is that if you are relentless and never give up you will get far. If you keep your eyes set on success you will succeed ! Simple as that... Im hungry and will keep on going in this business.

KAI Q: Would you describe yourself as a lover or fighter?
Jamie A : I'm both a lover and a fighter. I love the good people around me and those that have shown me a great deal of respect, and I fight for everything i want in this life until I get it.
KAI Q: Who is Jamie Dominic?
Jamie A: Jamie Dominic is Jamie Dominic! What you see is what you get and its only going to get better until I reach the top.

KAI Q: What do you find sexy?
Jamie A: My girlfriend ;)
KAI Q: If you had a superpower, what would it be?
Jamie A: It would be the ability to read peoples minds. That way I'd know exactly what everyone wanted at any given moment.

For more updates Jamie, join and become a FAN on his Facebook Fan Page :http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jamie-Dominic/450968275510?ref=mf


Ian108 said...

If you like Jamie you need to check out his (supposed) cousin, Tom Stapledon; there is a definite familial resemblance.

F. Jankovic said...

Thanks Ian... he's the next person on my list :)


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