Saturday, 16 January 2010

Model Spotlight :: Lisel Parillon

Chyian Q: What is ur favorite color?
Lisel A: Aquamarine.
Chhyian Q: Which movie made you fall in love?
Lisel A: I dont think ive ever been in love so none as yet. we will see what the future brings!
Chyian Q: Why dentistry?
Lisel A: Dentistry is a compilation of everything that i adore. science, working with my hands and helping people, making a difference. taking someone out of pain is one of the greatest things a person can do and dentistry allows the dentist to do that. In addition, the we (Dentists) get to use our creativity to fabricate new smiles, and subsequently, new measures of self confidence. all in all i guess i would just have to say that it is my calling.
Chyian Q: How friendly are you?
Lisel A: Ha ha i would say really friendly! i have to be! making peopel smile is what my life is about. plus i really enjoy meeting new people and making new connections. you catch more flies with honey than water right :)

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